Why hello
I am currently in MicroCare even though it is my holidays…well anwar is here anyway with his outrage at having no holidays he has decided we deserve a car which should be great, i bought a tape(yep an actual tape!!!) i decided on a classic,Westlife’s greatest hits, its what you have to drive to on KLA as we now call it or Kampsie as iam starting to call it.
Christmas was in Kisiizi and was rather strange, i have hundreds of photos as you expect but i havent got my camera with me currently so they will have to be uploaded at a later date.
I spit roasted a pig which was an experience and a half and i feel i took alot from it…such as burns and singed hair…but other than those things it was a great day and tasted great. I went to a Church service which we left after about an hour and a half as we didnt understand a word and we had been up preparing the pig since 4am. The service contiuned for 5hours…..
On boxing day the boys went on a quest, quoating lord of the rings with our walking sticks and large strides i soon nearly died but luckily had my inhaler with me so all was gewd.
We desnded into a valley and Jeff supplied us with a wonderfull quote “its always great to watch birds of prey from above”. We arrived at the bottom of the valley where we meet a small river and a wonderfull waterfall which legend has it is where they would kill ladies who did bad things….we however enjoyed the ice cold thud of the water due to our unatural sweating.
I soon climed the water fall to see what was above and due to it being about 4metres tall this was hardly strenues. I reached the top and there was a beautiful flat stone right for the sunbathing….there was also a lovely pile of mud and being the skin cleansing curious types me and abe soon had oursleves covered in mud….these photos are on Jeff’s camera and i hope to get them off him…..we then walked down the river and had a plentyfull of falls and wetness.
I am now back in kampala and had a lovely shopping spreee…i bought myself some glorious air nikes, a beautiful bob marley belt, a pair of topguntastic aviators and a lovely T-all for about 7 squid.
As i have to get a new visa to stay in the country i am going to be leaving the mighty Uganda for a while and spread my wings to Kenya and if the lovely boarder gaurds..i do so hope they read my blog….allow it i shall enter somalia….the wonderfull thing is i can do it all for free….not only do the other boys have to pay to leave Uganda and enter Kenya they have to pay to get back in aswell so it costs them $100 on crossing invisible lines…where as it costs me $0 which means i shall be buying the champagne on the train to mobassa.
I am still unsure upon the dates at which i shall be leaving etc but i shall try and keep you all informed.
Hope christmas was great for you all
Love from

Last few weeks – Traveling in Uganda.

Well sorry for a lack of blogging….
I have been very busy and i could write you one of my super long blogs giving you great detail and information, i know you would greatly enjoy that but i currently am stressing with UCAS so i am going to put a load of photos up and give you a small run down of what happened

On Tuesday 11th it was the Microcare Christmas party so they had some live acts one of them was this guy above, we called him one legged Rasta, i feel that isnt his real name.

This is me and Francis’s daughter Gabi

This is another live act, Bobi Wine, he is famous over here and has a really popular song

Me dancing with gabi

Me and roddy left the party and went up the road to the mural on the wall where i found hitler and we had a chat about why he was in Uganda

And roddy helped the economy by pushing a lorry through customs.
During this night Roddy and i decided to go with the rest of Project Trust to the sese islands for a wee bit of a break.

The large boats transporting wood.

Us all getting onto the ferry

An old sally rat dog in the sese islands

Hitchhiking a lift in a pick up i took this photo of the bay infront of our hotel

This is the main village and jeff

We went to the local pool shack for a few games

We went for lunch and walked into the forest a little where we saw lots of monkeys

Jeff and roddy on the pier, we were meant to be fishing but the fella turned up an hour late with no rods.

We sat on the pier with beers and watched the sunset instead

Rather Beautiful as we watched the fishermen in their dugouts come in

Roddy climbed out to pose


Moi,Jeffery and abe

Roddy and I came home on the Friday morning and got the 7am ferry at about 9am.
We came home on friday because we were invited to the Irish Ambassadors Party. We of course dressed for the occasion in Smart Casual, Jackets but no ties….we looked quite the part and fitted in rather well even though i do say so myself. It also happened to have a Samuel Beckett exibition because of anniversary etc etc so was rather intersting. As the night wore on it turned into a bit of Kareokee with many randomers going forward….during a lule in the singing me and roddy were pushed to the front and shouts of go on westlife insued so as to not let down our begging crowd we sang a hidden gem in the wild rover…(the scottish version of course due to roderick)…we got many compliments and we may be booked for a wedding in the near future

me reading the irish times in the Irish Embassy with Beckett exibition

We went to the Sheraton Hotel and ended up going to look at the Gym. Its rather nice.

We went to Spurs for Dinner which was delightfull steak….mother will be so proud of my manners in this one but it is fast food so it is ok 😀

Hope that is informative enough



As i am sure you have all being hearing about CHOGM in the news and how much Gordan Brown and queenie enjoyed their tax payers money spend. Well now that the dust has been allowed to settle (literally due to the countless road sweepers out on their hands and knees every morning)
we see quite a more PreCHOGM Uganda as i now have electricity rarely and have no water thank you musevini.
Well the main point of this entry is to shed some light upon the lovely Ebola virus that if you do not know already is where you bleed out of every oraphis in your body and there is no cure and your 80% likely to die, well this lovely virus has just arrived in Uganda just right after CHOGM you say with a swipe of the brow and a sigh of relief as queenie is ok and can do that thing she does with the corgi’s and Gordan can get back to the british public who need him so much oh no wait let me just see has Ebola not been killing hundred in the DRC for about five months now….hmmm and people have been dieing on the boarder areas of Uganda such as Bundibugyo now let me think would an out break of Ebola in Uganda just before CHOGM mean that a lot of CHOGM people would not come to Uganda? Would it indeed be better for Uganda to cover up this Ebola outbreak and keep it under the carpet as it spreads slowly in a CHOGMtastic Uganda. I feel a great sense of suspicion.
Well its about time now that you did get worried because there are now suspected outbreaks in Kampala, when i they say suspected they mean people are dieing of Ebola in Kampala but we do not want to freak people out, i am going to be on red alert i feel i should probably stay in bed all of this week.
This weekend as you may recall i was going to be going to Fort Portal and Kasese which now both are on high alert as they have large populations and Ebola is broken out all around them, for some reason i have decided i am washing my hair this weekend so that trip is off!!
Be safe in the knowledge that its nowhere near you 😀
Have a fun flu filled winter

Three Months

Well its already upon me, i have now been living in Uganda for three months and it only seems like yesterday i was getting onto that plane in Belfast. Time seems to be just flying past me and i should surely be getting more sorted and prepared for the year ahead but alas i cannot figure out what i want to do with my life.
I now have only five months left, i am certain they will fly past as quickly as the first three so it wont be long till i am back to the wet bogs of Fermanagh.
If you feel like informing me how you are…

Masaka, Uganda

I had another busy weekend with me traveling to Masaka for a project trust birthday.
On Friday night I went with James to a leaving party for Jane and Bob who are a retired couple who have been living out in Uganda for 18months, he has been working as a music teacher and she has been I think just generally living it up, joining various clubs such as the gardening and book clubs including many womans club’s aswell, they are both very friendly and from Devon, England. I had an enjoyable night at Gweniths house where they have been staying, Gwenith is engaged to my neighbor Simon. I chated to a lot of people and mainly discussed the usual, where I am from, why I am here, what I am hoping to do at University.
I got up at 7:30am so that I wasn’t rushing to get the bus to masaka and that I could have a shower, got up to find the electricity was off so had a lovely cold shower and off I headed. I got into a mytatu and headed off into town, after a while I noticed we werent taking the normal root, I soon realized we were heading through the pretty much ghetto if there could be such a thing in Kampala as we passed houses and the farm yards with cows I finally arrived in Kampala after about 20minutes extra of a journey, I then headed to shoprite to get myself some breakfast which was of course some lovely apple donuts.
I then headed past the old taxi park to some of the many mobile phone shops scatterd all across Kampala and Uganda for that matter, I was on the hunt for a new phone as my lovely old nokia has decided it decides when it switches off or receives calls. After looking at a variety of very strange chinese imports I decided I wasn’t going to have any dice so headed over to the new taxi park to find a bus to masaka. I paid my 4500shs and on I popped bought some Fanta and started reading my viciously deep book on Gurdjieff.
It was now about 10:00 and the bus started to fill up, there was a lady outside peeling matoke, its rather calming watching somebody do it.
The bus finally fills up and its about 10:30, suddenly though everybody stands up and starts running off the bus I unsurprisingly am totally and utterly lost as to what is happening as anything that may have been announced was in Lugandan, I turn to they guy beside me and ask whats happening, he explains that we all have to get off and onto another bus. I eventually get off and I am informed that the bus currently driving through the taxi park is the one I have to get on, I run after the bus with about 4 other Ugandans as we try to get in, I manage to get on first as it starts to leave and realize this bus is a lot smaller than the last one and there are no seats left. I head to the back where I manage to get a two seater to share with three. The ticket man soon came along to collect but the lady across the isle from me wasn’t trusting the bus and so wouldn’t pay until she arrived in Masaka, what followed was a 2hour Lugandan argument which I understood didle about but which ended up involving pretty much everybody around me who wanted to stick their 2cents into the argument. Somebody finally got off and I got myself a proper seat well I had to share a two seater with three kids but they took up little space so I was in comfort.
All the while during this kurfuffle of arguments and awkward seating they had “night of the living dead” being played on the TV in Lugandan which was quite disturbing due to the amount of kids and rather annoying due to the Lugandan translator showing off his voice acting skills and taking it slightly too far.
I soon arrived in Masaka well in the middle of a field pretty much with a large amount of rubbish dumped into it and no sign of Callum who was suppose to be meeting me off the bus. After declining lifts from pretty much everybody around I phoned Callum to find out firstly where I was and secondly where he was. After we realized neither of us knew where I was I headed to whet seemed like a main road, I soon meet Callum and we headed off to the hotel we were staying at, I got a lovely little room with a sort of bed in between single and double and I even had a lovely balcony to look out over Masaka’s main road. Roddy and I headed off to the local market and shops to have a look for some interesting buys. Roddy got himself a fetching shirt and tie and a rat trap for the mice that annoy him in the night and I got a nice pale blue t-shirt.
That night we went to a restaurant called 10 Tables where we had a room to ourselves for the birthday celebrations, there was 9 of us in total. We had green soup for starters, chicken and sausage kebabs with swahili rice and what seemed to be corn flour and water which was some sort of dip. The girls also got a massive chocolate cake made as you can see below. During the whole meal we had been pounded with loud music which when we went outside after the meal we realized was a Uganda Telecom concert. We decided we just had to go so we headed towards the music and headed in, what we experienced was rather strange, there was about a thousand people there all standing in rows except there wernt any rows to stand in as it was in a football pitch. Roddy and I soon were up the front showing them how to dance but alas our silky moves were a bit to much for them to handle and we headed back to the rest of the group at the back.
We stayed till the very end which was quite late and managed to get some free Ugandan Telecom caps which was a great souvenir.
The next day Roddy and i headed to the bakery to get breakfast and then headed to the market again as I had seen a lovely Star Wars bed set but hadn’t purchased the day before, unfortunately somebody had bought it and I left disappointed and empty handed but was rather close to buying a small spear.
The journey home was rather quick and I had a seat the whole way, I considered going to watch the Bolton V’s Liverpool game but I am rather pleased I wasn’t in the mood as a 4-0 defeat wouldn’t have been easy viewing.
Matt is heading away on Friday to attend two wedding’s of friends and wont be back till the 19th so I will have a free house.
Hope the temperature is getting lower and the Christmas push is getting to you as I sit in sunshine and haven’t watched TV in 3months.

The matoke peeling lady at the bus park

The Birth Day cake

Roddy at 10 tables reading the pictures

Roddy posing in his new shirt tie combo with nifty waist coat and lovely belt

What a great name for a shop

Kisoro trip

Well I have had a weekend and a half
I wish I could just like take you all to the places I have seen and do the things I have and just let you go wow because even though I took 500 photos it still dose not do justice to how beautiful or immense the things I have seen are.
Well I got up at 6am on Thursday morning as the plan was I would be picked up at 7am at the bottom of my road and of course in Ugandan and Fermanagh style well back wards sort of places time and I got picked up at about 8:30am. So I bundle into the back of the Hilux which is a pickup white with large microcare logo’s on it all a little UN style. The trip from Kampala to Kisiizi isnt that interesting, I got some goat meat on a stick which took me about 2hours to chew my way through and we stopped in Masaka to get lunch where I watched the Queen on Tv doing well whatever the Queen does. We arrived at Kisiizi at about 2pm which was quite impressive as it took us two days to do it the last time. We had phoned ahead and ordered ourselves some lunch at Datu’s which is the local pub/restaurant where Roddy and Callum hang out with the locals. Callum, Wilbrod(our driver) and I headed to Datu’s as Roddy had to teach a class and Anwer cant eat pork so he went to the Guest house to get some chicken. We arrived in Datu’s and headed through to the “VIP” lounge which is just the smelly back room of datu’s that has some some chairs and a sofa, soon a bucket full of 4kg of pork arrived for the 3 of us and about 20 matoke arrive, which is a ridiculous amount of food trust me! We slowly munched our way through all the food with plenty of salt to be able to stomach the Matoke. We were pretty full after all the food and poor Roddy was very jealous as all he got to eat was some chapatis. We headed back to the office as Callum had to teach a class and so me and Roddy headed to check out Pickens the pig and the chickens. I have some very nice photos of Pickens. We then spent some time at the office checking email and sorting any problems there might be and also I made myself a nice computer from all the bits and pieces the boys had about the office. We then headed to the Guest house for dinner, we sat down with two of the medical staff staying at the guest house who the boys call Commys due to their lack of humour and strict no fun policy. I also got to meet this old man David who is from the Uk,Northern Ireland, Fermanagh, Enniskillen, just so happened to attend Portora and of course asked me the question I so didn’t want to hear “did you row?” ahh the rowing club. He is an engineer here which is rather strange as the only engineering is done by another guy but ahh well rather strange to meet an Old Portoran in a small village in Uganda.
After lunch we headed back to the Round house which is a lovely little house with 2bedrooms which you can book for 30,000shs so about £8.50, it’s the same place we stayed before. Had a nice cold nights sleep as it is always freezing down here. We headed off nice and early so were up at 5.30 to leave at 7. I had a lovely breakfast of pancakes and pineapple and banana, very filling. Callum and Roddy decided to come with us to Kisoro as we were possible going to pop into one of the national parks. The journey from Kisiizi to Kabale was actually quite nice and the road is mostly tar which made for an enjoyable 1hour trip. Kabale was a lot smaller than I expected but was nice non the less and we called into a local supermarket run by Indian’s of course to buy some snacks for the journey to Kisoro. We set off and from the go we knew it was going to be a killer of a journey. The mountains looked so beautiful as you can see in the photos but the camera can not capture the true feeling of awe. After some amazing views and scary moments we made out way through the bamboo forest and into the Kisoro valley. We decended in and as we got closer Wilbrod tells us that on our left there is a UN Congolese refugee camp, all we saw was two big white tents with UN on the side and we thought “sure” then as we got past the UN tents we look past and see an endless wall of white as far as we can see and it was so sad to see all the people standing around in what seems like the middle of nowhere. We arrived in Kisoro which is a big enough village, it has a large green in the middle and on the day we arrived it just so happened to be the grasshopper day which of course is a Ugandan delicisey so there were about 200 kids running around the green chasing after these poor grasshoppers. We stayed there for a while as Anwer had to fix some problems with the computers and as he didn’t need me we went for a walk around Kisoro. Off we headed back to Kabale for the night, the journey was terrible as it rained and we had to bring in our bags, a broken computer and a printer so they didn’t get soaked. We stopped at the top of the hill and I took the photo of the refugee camp so beautiful and so sad.
We stayed in the London image hotel which was a bit of a tip but it was cheap and about the best in Kabale. We went to a place called the ritz as you can see in the photo, it had some ok food cheap as usual and only had one power cut the whole time we were there.
Due to financial issues regarding Callum and Roddy I had to share a double bed with Roddy( it was done on the flip of a coin not choice).
We got up nice and early hoping that we could go to one of the national parks but the Queen Victoria park where we had intended on going to was a bit busy with the queens arrival so we decided against it and instead headed back to Kampala with Roddy and Callum. On the way home we stopped at one of the many small stalls at the side of the road, our driver Wilbrod bought about 7 bunches of matoke I also bought some produce in the form of 4 bunches of banana’s and a Jack fruit as you can see in the photos, I even cut it all up by myself and soon realized I had way to much so I gave some to my cleaner.
We headed to Garden City on that Saturday night to get some proper food and to go to the cinema. We headed to the food court and I got some lovely pork noodles and Roddy got something very exotic in Lasange. We then went to see beowolf or something along those lines just to relax. We had a gewd night and had a gewd rest untill the boys were up at 8.30 to go and sort things before leaving on the bus back to Kisiizi.
I had a nice relaxing Sunday.
I managed to miss CHOGM which was great but I would have enjoyed protesting. I shall try and post a large number of photos but as I took 576 itl be hard to choose. I am also currently growing a mustache which mum will be glad to hear 😀
Love to all

A mytatu, local taxi’s with 14-24 people crammed inside

These are the kinda things i pass as we travel along the roads.

Callum pretending to work at Datu’s

What was left of out mighty 4kg of pork and matoke

Ishmale and christine(She is their boss and he is her husband)

Wilbrod and Anwer

The glorious view from Datu’s pub,Main road in Kisiizi

Me and Pickens

Roddy with chicken

Crane’s in the Kisiizi football pitch

The three amigo’s in Kabale

Various scenery on the way to Kisoro

In the middle of the picture you can see a large mass of white, that is the refugee camp

Me and roddy sleepy

Standing on top of the Hilux we must be cool

The microcare centre in Kisoro and roddy beside the microcare Hilux

Kids chasing after grasshopers in the green

Back in Kabale with a dirty Microcare Hilux and Wilbrod

The Little Ritz where we ate in Kabale

Kabale during day light

Kabale during the day

No clues for where we stopped

Jackie my jack fruit

Anybody have a clue what this is about? Saw it in Kampala

Callums Birthday Weekend

Well this weekend the boys decided to come up for Callums birthday, but word spread and suddenly now there was about seven of the project trust people coming up for the weekend. As I waited on the Friday lunch time the medical nurse Lindsay came in and asked me if I wanted to go food tasting at the Sheraton Hotel for the Caladonial(something sottish) St.Andrews celebration, it was a free lunch so of course I wasn’t going to be rude and say no so off we pottered to the the Sheraton Hotel which is one of Kampala’s better hotels. We arrived and Lindsays friend Eric who I have mentioned in earlier blogs and another member of the board where already there so we soon got organized and sat down to “taste” some food thinking we might get a few small nibbles of various possible meals. For starters smoked nile perch was produced with salad and a cucumber hollowed out with chives and onion mayonnaise style sauce which was delicious. We thought that may be it but as bread was produced we realised we were being served the full meal. Next beef wellington individually wrapped with patte and mushrooms surrounded in a port sauce with roast potatoes and vegtables, my mouth is actually watering thinking about it now…mmmm…so gewd! After we discussed the pro’s and con’s regarding the beef wellington and I pretended to give some usefull feedback. Next we had some chocolate cake with a strawberry and white chocolate sauce, of course chocolate cake isnt really a gewd enough dessert so we asked for a different option and so Vanilla cheesecake with passion fruit was brought down which tasted amazing but when chatting to the chef afterwards we questioned about her using a sponge for cheesecake but she said she wasn’t able to make a hard base, aint to sure why but even I can do that. The meal tasted great but the fact it was free and I was helping some scots seemed to make it taste even better.
As I had been away for so long Callum and Roddy had arrived and so had headed to my local takeaway Chillies with Anwer for some chips and chicken not quite the same as my meal but I didn’t rub that in. Well our big plan for the weekend was to buy Callum a suit in Owino market as he had been talking about getting one for a while and also Roddy and I fancied suits and also gave me a chance to show them the spectical that is Owino. Unfortunetly a theme for the weekend began which was rain and lots of it! We instead headed home and watched a film.
We soon were hungry and decided to keep with tradition and head to ranchers. We got a mytatu into town, we got dropped off and were about to get bodabodas to gardencity when the dazzling lights of some small strange popcorn smelling market caught our eyes and so did some fetching sunglasses which you can see in the photo below. We headed on with our quest for steak after having a look around the market and after I stood in about 4 puddle’s and had a rather wet foot. I managed to get the below photos of Callum and Roddy in front of me on BodaBoda’s, do not worry mum I was wearing a helmet…
We arrived and had our steaks….more of a tradition than a necessary and then met up with the rest of the Project trust which has come. We headed to alleygators where we had had the Microcare company party a few weeks back, there are pool tables and arcade machines here so we spent a while here. We went to Bubbles O’learys which is the local Irish pub, legend has it that it previously was in Ireland and was terrible and not doing well so they took everything out and opened it up in Kampala. We finally got home on some more boda boda’s which was great fun as we got one so all three of us and the driver squished on so was a male bonding experience and saved us a lot of Shs.
We had a quick nap and then got up nice and early to go and meet the project trust people at their place, Backpackers. Its nice enough and I got myself some pancakes with pineapple and banana which was really gewd. We then headed to DiDi’s world as to let everyone experience it, unfortunately there was a load of people there and it was really busy which sort of spoiled the strange eerie atmosphere from last time but we enjoyed it non the less until it started to rain…heavily and of course it had to wait till we were had all just got strapped into the pirate ship just as it started to move off for its 30minute ride of terror. After getting ridiculously wet we headed to the arcade area where we played some classic games. Callum and I then had a best of 3 air hockey game which became really intense well not really intense, but pretty intense and we even got a crowd of about 12 kids which actually distracted me and also we managed to hit one of them with the puck! Well after I pulled a muscle in my finger it was an easy win for Callum as I had to go easy and a 2-1 victory was enjoyed by the geordie lass. Callum and I then decided to head to Owino to do some fun shopping as the rest of the project trust decided to head back to backpackers for lunch. We headed to the general area of smell and rubbish that is nicknamed Owino Market and headed for the clothes as retro T shirts was what we were aiming for…if not….SUITS!! Roddy had told us to get him a thsirt as he had no clean ones left so we had a long look through the tightest and strangest tshirts and finally pulled out a classic, Boston World War Museum with a large Panzer tank on the front with its make and number, Roddy would just love it! We both then got other tshirts that were a little less strange and slightly offensive and headed out, on our way however we noticed a hat stand and decided to delve into the deep wooden boxes of endless hats and I manged to pull out with my left hand a strange green trucker hat as you can see in the photo and a nice soviet union hat for Roddy to go with his panzer t shirt. We paid about £1.20 for the two hats, Callum also got himself a trendy hat as you can see in the photo below. We then headed back to my place to relax and look at our spoils from our day of shopping and to show Matt my house mate. We then headed into garden city to meet up with the project trust ones and we went to the food court to get ourselves something tasty from one of the many restaurants, the food court really is something to behold as you walk in and sit down and then about 20 waiters run towards you with menus and try and convince you to buy from them all at the same time and this is quite an experience.
Sunday morning and we didn’t make it to church…we stayed at mine until late on in the day, I made some nice pasta with melted cheese and pesto mum you would be so very proud, we sat and watched films as it was doing the usual Ugandan thing of raining very heavily. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the food court last night so we headed back there again to eat before going to see a film, the film wasn’t on till another 45minutes so we headed on down to Aroma and we had some coffee, it ain’t great but it makes us feel European :D. We went to see Stardust which a rather strange fairytale kids story with humor thrown in for fun. Robert De Niro is a gay pirate which we all found hilarious but the Ugandans didn’t get it at all due to homosexuality being illegal and all that sort of stuff leaving them culturally unaware and I am sure quite confused. We then parted ways and off we headed home.
Monday morning and it is the start of CHOGM hell, the Ugandan police now see it as their right to stick on their sirens whenever they like to do whatever they like and have decided to just instead of making places secure just stop anybody entering them instead. As the weekend gets closer the less roads that will be open but I am happy to announce I will not be in Kampala this weekend. Anwer, Wilbrod and I are heading to Kisoro way down on the Rwandan boarder. We are going there to sort out some computer networking problem and he needs my help but also it’s a nice excuse for a trip and also to get away for CHOGM as it seems mostly everybody else is currently doing it as well. I will also be heading through Kisiizi as we are delivering some things to the Boys down there, I look forward to meeting their pig Pickens who I might add is likely not to be slaughter and spit roasted as wished as somebody has grown way to attached to her L ahh well maybe some other time. I also will get to meet the chicken which they have called guy in honor of me 😀 oh how proud I am, also on a lesser note I will get to meet Roddy and Callum as I havent seen them in over two days L.
Well on Monday I headed to rugby as per usual and due to the fact that all schools in Kampala are off for CHOGM the few boys who are younger than me that I play rugby with had some time to themselves and headed to Owino to purchase some distractingly bright short shorts and dark purple knee high socks Dungannon would be proud of. They definitely brought some class to the match as handling errors made for a rather disappointing game where I didn’t even score once.
Well I feel I should rap this up as I have know written a lot and photos have to be put in as well.
I hope all is well at home and you are getting excited for Christmas and are nice and cold as I sun bath through the Christmas holidays.
Love to all

Roddy and Callum on Boda’s through Kampala

Arrrr there be the pirate ship

Looking stylish…me Aviators of course

Kids watching the pirate ship

Trying on Hats in Owino

Looking gewd

I wouldn’t buy anything of those two Callum and Abe

Peter Crouch and Damon Albarn in Kampala

Well hello
Callum Costello decided to grace me with his presence this weekend, on a sadder note he has a blog now which you don’t want to read and i bet you expected me to tell you where to find it.
Well he arrived and we did the usual Ranchers but this time Eric joined us(for those of you who don’t get the opportunity to read my blog all the time Eric is white but Eric is Ugandan and he runs Kampala Funeral’s and he is just generally really cool and anybody who is from Fermanagh who is interested it turns out Eric when he was in the army stayed in Belcoo for a few years, yea exactly that’s Uganda for you)
Well night time came and we decided to head to the Irish pub in Kampala. While there we meet some interesting people and had a gewd chat to a lot of random people, one in particular was a man called greg who looked like this…
Well don’t worry Callum chatted to him as i was quite scared…well it turns out he is Canadian which is funny enough left at that but he just so happens to know Damon Albarn,yea who exactly but he sang for some band called blurry or blur and if you remember correctly during live aid/8 etc instead of going to the big concerts in London or wherever he instead came out to Africa and played here and well we believe that Gregg is telling the truth and that Damin Albarn is coming out to Uganda next weekend with the lead singer of Massive Attack and the Gorrilas who are supposedly playing a concert in Uganda some time next year. So indeed it was very interesting for Callum as he loves Damon Albarn where as i was just happy that we weren’t alone with him, only joking he was a very nice and friendly chap but he may have told us a few porkys but if not we may get to meet these people which would be fun.
Well the next day arose and we were off to Kampala city for another looksey…it started to rain like proper Uganda/Africa rain which is just soaks you through. We got into a mytatu and Callum started to get some of the usual stares but then one guy asks “hey myzungu are you peter crouch’s brother?” the obvious answer would be no but Callum decides to have a bit of an argument and you can see why
Callum (and two russians)

Peter Crouch

I see that this Ugandan is well miss informed and decide to Inform him regarding who Callum actually looks like

louis Saha,i know thats who you were thinking

The Ugandan is rather fustrated as he dosent think Callum looks like Louis Saha at all and i realise humor let along irony is something Ugandans grasp alot differently so we continue in a different direction of Callum look alikes and of course the most obvious comes up

Didier Drogba
The Ugandan still insists so we leave it and start to talk quickly as to make it seem asthough we are speaking some other language when really if we talk quick enough they dont understand us and so this has become our new language.
We arrive at Garden City or GC as i shall sometimes refer to it as and we got some much needed shopping but we are both very wet and its still raining, we decide to go see a film as its cheap and we dont fancy gettin more wet, we went to see Shoot em up which is rather hilarious as it is a comedy but the Africans thought it was an action film aka James bond esq and so our loud laughing was falling on confused ears. We then bundeld our way out and realised it was raining even more…well i did want to see super bad…another film so we pop in to see it…its rather funny but rather teenish and not quite up to my standard so Callum enjoyed it. We then wondered out and to the food court as hunger had hit us with his stick and spicy chicken and meat seemed like a great idea i think instead we probably went to Ranchers actually but it is 2days ago and at my age you seem to forget rather easily. We then realised the rain was going to be on all night but alas we didnt wish to get wet so we did it we went to see Bourne Ultimatim, for those of you out of the know this is the final film in an action trilogy which i shamefully can say have not seen a second of so i sort of felt as thought i was cheating on the previous two films but this would be my last chance to see it at the Cinema as it was out a few months ago in UK.
We get home all is fine and dandy, Callum is to leave tomorow lunch time.
We head into GC to get some final supplies and i send Callum off to get his Bus home along the 8hour journey i had no jealousy. I purchased my food i shant go into details but i have kept my receipts for you interested parties. I headed on home looking forward to a nice sleep and a shower when i get a call telling me that there were no buses…Great…so it looked like Callum wasnt getting away so quickly and another day/night in kampala was on the cards. He arrived lovely and dirty and we discuss politics and things such as before deciding it was about time we headed back into kampala to do something with ourselves. We arrived at the now infamous GC. We head to a small cafe Arona i think it is called i see hot chocolate i skip past im on the prowl for an experience when you leave rome/Home do something different thats my moto. I scouer(is that a word? I am attempting a more impressive word for look so stick that in there if you have a better one and continue on) for something a little bit different and pick a Confedelo Wisp or something to that affect, turns out it is quite nice and is pretty much just a milky coffee but its sort of my first coffee which is quite a big deal 😀 Callum had a hot chocolate and it was disgusting and he burned himself. We discuss Africa, Russia, Korea and films before leaving after a bad small continues to linger. We head to the toilets which are just past the Cinema ohh theres a film just about to start…ok then…we go to see the invasion which *warning spoiler alert* is terible. Yes it is still raining ridiculously bad but we decide to head on home. We get so far and we are heading up the hill to the Lukuli road and we see a mytatu sideways on the road and in the ditch and our boda boda men inform us that this is where we get off. Its by foot….wooo as i start to slide down…my awesomly comfy reef’s are lacking in the grip department and i am going nowhere but down..its time to take action and off the shoes come. Im now in my bare feet trying to gain some sort of balance with phone in one hand as a light and my shoes in the other this aint a pretty picture im painting, the mud is around my ankles as it sqelshis around as Callum plodes ahead with trainers on, We manage to crawl up a side banking and we are saved…sort of untill it ends and were back on but i am yet to fall..we plod on only about 100m to the top of the hill oh how much fun,there is a slight catch22 situation with stones..with the stones i have grip and can walk but also hurts my feet though having unaturatly hardy feet and apreciating the fact the pain is weakness leaving the body i manage to make it…a slippy bit eeek i step back to counter act the slip and im saved by the fact i fall the other way…eewww my phone is caked in mud..we arrive home and leave our now brown/red shoes outside and climb into bed, well i do after washing my feet…what a night what a weekend and one of the best bits is to get a lift to work/kampala tomorow we have to walk back that road oh the delights of Uganda
On a lighter not related to me note Uganda is most definitly not ready for CHOGM its just gona be a complete joke for instance i shall quote some Ugandan
“Do local CHOGM organisers know that Serengeti is the only African national park that most Americans can ably name? And that the same Americans most times mistakenly place Mt. Kilimanjaro in a wrong country, Kenya. The bad news is that citizens of the developed world know very little about Africa and the little they know actually chases them a way from Africa. They know Africa as a violent place of starving folks. They are not even a ware that for over a year the Government and the LRA have been engaged in peace talks in Juba. Bwindi National Park made news only when some foreigners were killed there!”
They actually are surprised that Americans don’t know where Mt.Kilimanjaro is? Come on id be impressed if they knew where africa is!

Some Facts regarding Ugandan’s/Uganda

Our best friends here are the young children and the mentally ill, they are the two groups of people who will wave their hands off at us
If you are white you are American
If you are American you are rich
If you are rich you have enough money for all of us
Why use your car lights at night when it will run down your battery for when you need your lights
If you put your hazzard lights on you can drive up the wrong side of the road
Nothing is more important than Arsenal

I shall add some more of these facts in the next few blogs as they come to me but i forget them
Love to all
and happy halloween and stuff like that
Ive now been here for two months and it has gone so quickly but over a thousand photos taken already so i feel about 3000 in the end, now that shall be a fun slideshow 😀
X guy
p.s Callum and Roddy got a pig!! Its called Pickens as roddy mixed up his words regarding them getting a pig and chickens and it came out pickens…yea roddy is like that, hes Northern English or Scutish or sumfin can’t really make out his language

CHOGM and general

Check out Jinja Photos below

Well this week i received an airmail from a lovely lady, she knows who she is 😀
Well thankyou very much it was lovely to hear from you
Well to answer a few questions that both my lovely lady asked but also i am sure some others are asking to, i dont think Kampala has changed much in the last 40years so you wouldnt notice much of a change the roads…im sure the same potholes are still here they are massive and are everywhere. They speak Lugandan here because Swahili is more spoken up north and alot of soldiers with gewd old Idi were from the north so Swahili is considered a negative language as it is associated with idi etc so most do not speak any swahili. The cars that we have here are all mostly 4X4’s toyota prado’s and pajero’s which are nasty wee japanese 4X4’s but its what you need to travel even through kamapala. Kampala is rather westernised…not quite starbucks and McDonalds thankfully but they have alot of interesting resturaunts, its not like the chinese resturant is run but somebody called stan its all genuine resturaunts. I had a lebonese cheese burger the other day which was really gewd. So yea i eat food from all over the world as African food is pretty nasty, the meat and fish is fine and so are greens which indeed are called greens and that the name. But they have this Matoke plant which is like a banana but it has a disgusting smell and taste but the Ugandans love it and they will eat it breakfast lunch and dinner. They also have Irish which is what they call potatos,just Irish.
So yea thats a basic answer to questions and if you do have any pressing issues that you wish to ask me you should know my email address.
Well onto my pressing issure CHOGM. Indeed i hope you have never heard of this otherwise what i say will be lies. CHOGM is the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting and this year it is being held in Kampala,Uganda oh what a wonderful day for the people of Uganda as even the queenie is coming Hora!!
Well so because of this Uganda thinks that the rest of the world cares..awww so innocent and sweet Uganda little does it realise that after they spend the Billions and Billions of Shillings on building substandard hotels and fixing the roads(HA might i add as their idea of fixing a road is laughable! u stick a load of mud on it and thats shud be it sorted or they become the seven dwarfs and get axes out and proceed to hack up the road and the fill it full of mud probably or tarmac either will do) that nobody will care as it will not make Uganda out to be the shinning light of Africa and bring thousands to see it. But alas Uganda hasnt yet grasped this idea and so is spending education and health money on CHOGM to try and impress the common wealth but surely if they impress they wont get the much needed help? hmmm Uganda works on the basis of “jobs for the boys” as they will do a job but will do it in such a way it needs somebody else to do something else which needs somebody else to do something else it is just a never ending line of uselessness that keeps everybody in a job doing useless it is quite strange. Well thats my CHOGM rant done ahh wait i forgot CHOGM starts in about 2weeks and the queenie arrives in about 3 and gosh one of the main hotels dosent have any elctricity, they are yet to start work on the rooms, the road to jinja which i took has large 10m deep holes and endless diversions, oh how charles will love that! Well yep i think thats me done, i am sure i shall come back to this CHOGM topic again for another rant on the waist of money!
Love to all and to all happy CHOGM
P.s i saw an awesome thing the other day as James and i were heading home a mytatu(a taxi minibus) went by on the roundabout no biggey except at the back was a fella on rollerblades hanging on for dear life it was hilarious but he seemed asthough he was enjoying it and actually seemed like he knew what to do, he wasnt wearing the usual inline skates you see he was wearing those classic 70’s rollerdisco style skates that youve gota know what your doing in. I asked James and turns out there is a small “gang” of them who on the gaba road which has a hill go down at high speed and then catch lifts back up on whatever vehcile they can. I hope to see this someday and maybe have a go(mother i am merely hoping and severly doubt i shall or will as it looks ridiculosly dangerous)

Jinja trip

Uganda, Jinja, Gap, Year, Blog, Africa, Gandhi, nile, rafting, Kampala,This is me and Rashed at Gandhi’s monument
This is me at the source of the nile(titanic style)
The stadium(they show premiership games on the big screen inside and people go to watch)
Me at falls
Tom our driver and i
The rapids
Intense moment
Anwer and I
We did look fetching in our life jackets and i took the opertunity to run baywatch style
Dust gets everywhere and in my eyes

Well on Friday as I was sitting in my office my Indian podrey Anwer pops in and says “Sunday,10:30,Jinja,?” I reply with the obvious “Yes” and that’s it sorted, my first trip to Jinja. I worked over the weekend on my film until Saturday night when suspecting a busy trip I get an early night and head to bed about 10ish. I am woken at 11:30ish and I answer my phone but it still says answer what is going on indeed! Soon I hear a small indian voice spluring out words I cant quite understand and I realise its anwer not answer, he asked me to meet him in GardenCity I declined the offer and that we were now meeting at 9.30.
I awoke at about 7.45 to my by now becoming annoying alarm on my phone. I was up and ready within 15mins leaving me a ridulous wait…I had the last of my honey loops with plenty of milk and about 3/4 of a glass of apple juice but I shant bore you with the small details.
Mytatu into town 700shs
Breakfast and drinks from shoprite 4600shs
BodaBoda to microcare 3000shs
Knowing everybody is ripping you off because your white….Priceless
Well I arrive at microcare at about 9.25 and we get ready to flow. Its just Tom, anwer and i at the moment. We head to the hotel where rashed is staying. Its some big fancy place so me and anwer stroll in and its full of indians because of aga khan or something I cant make out anwer to well at the best of times let alone when he is whispering. We head up to the buisness level the very top and its all very marble and fancy and for $75 a night its rather cheap!! He is having breakfast still so we head off to anwers apartement.
Anwer lives in a tower block pretty much in the middle of kampala. It’s a very asian area but its quite nice, we get his stuff and head back to the hotel and we pick up rashed(I may spell is a multitude of different ways due to the fact I do not have a clue how to spell it)
We head off to jinja and straight away into trafic but Tom soon gets us around it and were off, the road there is fine and rather smooth with just a few strange holes and when I say holes I mean pits, like 10X10metre holes just waiting for the queen but that’s a different story. We make our way through the dust and the first thing of interest has to be the national stadium its massive and totally out of nowhere
We soon arrive at Bujagali Falls(click on the name to see pics) and it is very impressive, the amount of water gushing through is immense and you can see how it gets to the med from there. We took a boat ride around the different falls and saw a lot of birds and village people. It was all very pleasant compared to the rampaging waters all around. We got back and watched this strange one legged man dance up a pole….indeed
We then headed into Jinja town for some lunch. After filling up we headed to the source of the nile river. It is above the rapids. We took few photos there and then took a boat trip across to the Kingfisher Click here if your interested in seeing it.
We stayed there for a while swimming and relaxing with about 100 indians so about one family, they have just completely taken the whole hotel over there was only two people not including me who wernt indian, very strange.
We headed back to the source on our boat and saw a massive monitor lizard sun bathing. When we got back we saw Gandhi’s statue and plaque as some of his ashes were scaterd at the source of the nile due to him liking water I think.
We soon left and were on our way home, we hit the kampala traffic 20km away from kampala!! That’s how bad it is here, everybody goes home to their villages at the weekend and then all want to get back in for work on Monday. Luckily for us Tom had a special thing called no patience which means he just overtook the traffic and we got to kampala pretty quckly. We saw a number of intersting factories such as the Nile special brewery which creates one of the many disgusting beers that Ugandans like to get drunk on. We were dropping off rashid and there was a very nice white range rover but no cigar as it wasn’t a sport then I got a lot of shouting and swining of hands from anwer as he said something about Aga Khan which as far as im aware muslims don’t really like so we meeped the horn a lot of him to move and he did after a while and so we drove after them under instructions from anwer, im doubt it immensly that it was the actual aga khan but had something to do with it anyway. I then was left home and that was the height of my excitement for that day.>>

General last few days

Well the last few days i have been rather busy. Over the weekend the Project trust people came up to stay with their leaders James and Isabel, that included Roddy and Callum. As a tradition when they come up to Kampala they arive at MicroCare and then we race bodaboda’s to GardenCity and go straight to ranchers.
The weekend was good and the best bit had to be the England V’s SA, we watched it at the American club where there was alot of English and only one 7ft tall SA who kept shouting out “Come on de Boka” in a loud SA voice or would sing “Habananananananana” indeed. Most of us of course suported SA and it was great to see the English beat :D.
It was good to meet some of the other Project trust people but i only really chated to Abe who is half indian quarter itallien and the rest something else plus english, he is very far away and his partner Gefory is rather posh and so has the sense of humour of a rhino. The weekend went quickly and it was back to work. I spent most of this week processing 1911 medical forms into different groups. This was a very slow process but it kept me occupied and i felt it gave me a good perspective on the two sides of medical camps rather than just the fun trip.
Today i had to go to a warehouse with Wilbrod and we stuck microcare stickers onto blue plastic gerry cans that we are sending up north to flood victims so they can collect and purify water. Wilbrod then took me out to lunch and we went down some backstreets and through the slums to find “Jols Joints” which clearly was the most classy of the joint spots in town. We walked through the cage style entrance and found a lovely table to park ourselves down. After banging the table(the ugandan way of saying please can you take my order) a small lady comes out Wilbrod then askes her in Lugandan for whatever were going to eat as i was told we were getting pork and fish(nile perch to be exact). We get some passion fruit which is so gewd out here and then we are told well Wilbrod is told that the electricty is off so they are going to be using a coal fire to cook it and itl be another 30mins before IT is ready. We sit and chat about alot of things CHOGM(google it if you dont understand),Uganda,Government and Kenya to name but a few of our general topics. 30mins later and the pork arrives and indeed it does taste like pork sort of its like leather to chew and has the same meat percentage. There is also some advicado’s and if you know anything about me i dont eat the slimy fruit but i decided when in rome! Wilbrod gets some salt out and puts it onto his advocado yes just for you mum i shall repeat that he puts salt on his advocado im not talking a pinch either. I do the same of course “When in rome” and realise that he really has the right idea it tastes great! I also get this strange white vegtable called catster or something its definitly got carbohydrates but severly lackes any taste what so ever!
Also there are some vegtables smartly named “Greens” i doubt thats the real name as it tasted like spinach. Soon the fish appears and it really is A FISH its just deep fried. Its a Nile Perch and its quite big. It tastes great and eating with your fingers(yes i did was my hands)makes it taste even better. We proceeded to pull it apart munching down massive chunks of fish and sending it down the litres of pasionfuit juice and all for the amazing price of 14000shs(£4). As we sit a muzungu walks past and i give him the “Muzungu, How are you?” in an african accent the africans love it 😀
Thankyou Wilbrod for Jols Joints Yum Yum!
Peace out
Love to all
Big shout out to a certain David Shaw, he knows who he is and i know who he is and thats just special!
Here is a picture of me from Kisiizi i was their White Ape god!


Hey all
Im just back from Kisiizi, what a place! I was looking forward to the trip for a while because of the two uk boys Roddy and Callum who were down there and I had heard from the so much about the area and I was excited to see what they were getting up to and doing in the back end of beyond. We headed off on Saturday which meant I had to get a mutatu into town for 700shs, the day started bad I put my hand out when falling towards the backseat of the taxi and of course inside the seat was a nice large piece of sharp metal which sliced my hand open yes aids was my first thought but it wasn’t to bad. I arrived in Kampala centre and I had no money what so ever, I had even had to borrow 200shs off Matt just to get into town, I made my way to the nearest Stanbic and withdrew some of these mighty shillings and off to shopright! I dropped my bag off at the bag security drop and I got a smile out of the security guard he obviously remembered me from the last time I was there and that added to the fact I was white clearly was over bering for him as he had a little chuckle to himself. I headed straight for the bakery it was about 8:30 and I was starving, as with all times that the shopright is busy nobody works the counter to allow for the Ugandan favorite pastime of queing. I Finnaly got some service and got two strange apple pastry things, I grabbed a mango juice drink and headed for the counter. I had my money checked as per usual and headed out to get my bag. I got my bag and another smile from that security guard, indeed. I headed out and found the nearest bodaboda, to the kisoro air strip gewd sir and away we headed.
I arrived at MicroCare hq at about 9ish, Anwer was already busy working on something.
I then proceeded to wait as with all african anything I had to wait and wait and eventually at about 11:30 we left. Me and Anwer were in the backseat with about 40,000shs worth of snacks and drinks that we picked up at payless, yes the shop names are that imaginative here. We were off and next stop was Masaka for lunch, I had plenty to look as we drove along but I couldn’t help but over hear anwer’s music was that who I think it was? The backstreet boys? After being offered a earphone I soon realised that indeed my small indian buddy was lisening to the backstreet boys and Celien dions greatest hits remixed, what a surrel journey I thought to myself as we took photos of riduclous things and each other lisening to various classic hits with a 5ft indian 28yr old IT technician in Uganda….well that’s a head full.
We arrived in Masaka for some lunch its about 3ish and this place is rough, there is a buffet which me and anwer skip due to matoke and what seems to be goat and instead ordered ourselves some chips and chicken with passion juice to wash it down. We head off hopefully we shall be in kisiize at about 8-9 I think oh how little I know.
We arrive in mabararara(well I know it has a lot of a’s and r’s)at about 7-8ish and I am told that we are staying here for the night due to a number of issues 1) Our driver cannot see at night 2) The road is very dangerous at night with gangs 3) It is against MicroCare rules to drive at night. We stop at the Dena guest house oh so very classy, the towels are solid and water is a luxury out of the taps. Anwer and I leave to check out the sights and sounds. Anwer seems to know where he is going as we soon get lost and I feel a little out of place, usually in Kampala you will see the odd white person but oh no not in mabararara I feel It maybe the least white friendly place I have been to yet. We find a nice place called City Top resturaunt(indian of course) and head in as with everything in Uganda we soon have a surreal experience well I know I did, out of the kitchen comes an indian man who comes to talk to Anwer oh yea you know it just turns out to be a cousin of his! That’s they way Uganda is just like wha? Things happen here that you’d only expect to happen in Lack or somehere in deepest darkest Fermanagh.
We has a nice meal here, I had Chicken Punjabi and Anwer had chicken curry, I got some weird things ordered for me by anwer which were rather nice and the garlic nan bread came out in a strange shape(hopefully I will upload a photo of it) We then headed to the local hub of excitement, Anwer then asked me if I wanted a massage and a steam bath I did hope he meant not from him but neither the less I was confused, this soon subsided when I arrived and noticed the large sign “massages and steam baths” I accept the small indians joke. We headed into the bar and then out again via the back door and down some stairs and indeed there it was a steam bath and massage parlour open at about 10pm, I soon realised then that it wasn’t a joke but I thought you know what lets go for it, unfortunetly anwer wasn’t to keane on joining me and I was even less keane on heading into a steam bath with about 100 black people in the most un white friendly place I had been in so we skipped the idea and headed to the pool table in the bar to play some pool and watch the R.O.I V’s Germany football match while we drank what was suposedly disguised as beer. We were soon joined by our 40yr old driver Wilbrod, he is from kenya but came to Uganda soon after old idi left. He is some character and soon embarised us with some Ugandan dancing matched with some terible music. We continued with our pool and even had a few competitions with some Ugandans I eventually lost to an old fella. We headed back to Bena Guest house for some hopefull sleep for our big day tomorrow. We didn’t get much sleep as the cleaners and gaurds talked and cleaned all night for no gewd reason. We headed off and now there was no stopping us from getting to Kisiizi. We arrived at the boys house in Kisiizi and it is quite nice with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.(they are more hills but kisiizi is so small everything is over exagerated). The boys werent there so we head to the Microcare office in the centre of Kisiizi, the great thing about kisiizi is that it is tiny, it takes about 10minutes to walk from one end to the other. The boys were at the Microcare office looking after the internetcafe, was gewd to see them and after exchanging plesantreys we all got onto the MicroCare pickup, I say onto as there wasn’t enough room in the cab so Anwer,Callum and I sat on the roof and back as we drove along rough jungle roads to get to a local medical centre where Donata the nurse who was with us was having a meeting with the local medical workers. The four of us Callum, Roddy, Anwer and I headed up the hill to get a better view of the surrounding beautiful valleys. We got to the top and realised there was a church soon there was about 30 kids around us staring and edging closer and then running away as soon as any of us moved, these kids had never seen a “white ape” before and so were scared of us but in a playfull sort of way. We had a lot of fun playing with the kids them running after us and then us chasing after them. We soon were away back down the hills to Kisiizi but this time Roddy joined us on the back of the pickup.
We got back to Kisiizi and we headed round to the round house which as you can imagine is very descriptive regarding the shape of this small 2bedroom house. We then decided to walk to the waterfall after watching it from the round house we wanted to get a closer look. It was about 200metres away from the roundhouse and a nice walk across a field was all it took. On our way back we were surrounded by kids who soon started to play a sort of tip the can sort of game, we headed back up to the round house to watch the games unfold. Soon though we got a little bit to much into the game and eventually decided to go down and show these amateurs how its done!
Callum, roddy and I had an awesomely messy time crawling through grass,climbing trees,running,jumping,rolling and generally being kids as we managed to actually beat some of the kids and made ourselves very proud about being 10yr olds. After that extensive exercise we said out goodbyes and headed for showers! Dinner was great and at the rose guest house which is part of the round house. We then had a great night of cheat which ran late into the night, I then went to stay with the boys in the west wing. I had been given a range of reports of lack of sleep in the boys house due to a number of factors and I soon found them to be true. First off no electricty not gewd. I then got into bed and luckily Roddy had told me there was mice in the room so I didn’t feel as freaked out when I heard loud chewing. The monologue chewing soon put me to sleep, I was then awoken by christine’s baby savana who even tho being ridiculosuly cute is able to wake the whole house up. Then the myth that is goat lady singing began and to no surprise is kept me awake too not it being about 5 the water pump is started and it just so happens to be right outside my room! What a night! No wonder the boys are glad of my sofa in Kampala. I head down to the Rose Guest house for breakfast which was cereal sausages and boiled egg. After filling up it was off to the microcare officeto fill the Microcare pick with gerry cans. Me and roddy headed into the office and saw a small child standing outside he starts to scream and his eyes get wider and wider as he sees us coming closer. Whats is wrong I think and before I know it he has jumped head first down the walkway to microcare towards the bank with a drop of about a meter the child then proceeds to scream and attempts to crawl away as the parents watch and do nothing, there is nothing we can do and we conside the posibility that the child may fear us some how. We are later told that the parents tell their children if they don’t behave that the white ape will come and eat them, poor child, he was the scared two more times once by Roddy and his lack of common sense and once by Callum who had missed the whole kurfuffle as he was teaching a class at the time.
Callum and I head off with Willbrod and another man who I don’t know and with 100gerry cans roped onto the pickup roof and back we head off into the back of beyond. We arrive at various holes in the hedges where we are meet with random drunk men who clearly have nothing better to do than to be drunk at 10am. I took various photos of the handing out of gerry cans and many a happy new gerry can owner. We arrive home to get a well deserved lunch at the Rose Guest House, a yumi combo of chicken rice and chips.
To night we go for the quiter option and stay at the roundhouse to play some more cheat and scraggy marry which is donkey but by using a queen instead, exactly english ey?
I stay at the Roundhouse tonight which means I actually get to sleep! I stay in a cosy room with Anwer,separate beds! We get up early to get breakfast showers and get ready to go.
I say my goodbyes and we discuss the plans for Friday as the boys are coming up to Kampala this weekend then its into the MicroCare pick up and away we head, next kinda general stop Kampala!
We arrive after a ridculous 9hour trip(it takes 6 in a bus)
All safe and well
Back to porridge
Love to all

This is me in a garage in Kampala just before we left.

This is in Mabara where we played pool, the disgusting beer here pushs me to Guinness.

This is of the Mountains on our drive to Kisiizi on the Sunday

This is the main centre of Kisiizi and Roddy

This is one of the Kisiizi waterfalls

Here’s me at the waterfall, yes same tshirt as yesterday due to the rule if its dirty and your gona get dirty wear it.

This is a terible photo by Anwer of Roddy, Callum and I playing tip the can with the kids but you cant really make out anything.

I shall try and upload more photos at a later date but at the moment it takes way to long to upload merely one