Well me and becky have found something to do, its pretty much perfect, its working in a campsite beside a cratar lake which is beautiful and great for swimming, the basic idea is that the campsite unds the orphanage attached to the campsite which has 157 kids, we try and keep the campsite running well and try to advertise it as well as posible, i have no time to blog as i get into fortportal once a week so instead i shall give u a small section of roddys life, he’s scotttish which is funny enough but he lives in a 5bedroom house in a village with just a pig, mouse and dog for company

“last night I decided to have a drink at datus on my way home, this obviously led to another, then another I ended up drinking Stoney(ginger beer) & Waragi. Then Datu told me that Martin, one of the guys in the village (he’s a little bit ‘gansta’) was trying to set up a “disco”. I didnt belevie anybody would try to have a disco in kisiizi but sure enough we soon heard some tunes(awful tunes) pumping out along the road. We decided to go along and check it out.

Possibly the funniest, lamest attempt at a club ive ever seen. I think i nearly wet myself.

First of all you have to jump across a ditch with a pig tied up in it, then you notice that only slightly quieter than the music is the generator powering the music. going BRRRRRRR. Then there is about 30 guys(no girls) standing around outside Martins house which is really just a hut. Anyway went inside and there he is, he had hired LOADS of massive speakers and a mixing deck. There were no lights, just a parafin lamp hanging up. And up to his decks he’s got the crappest looking CD player ever and was basicly just skipping through the tracks after about 30 seconds into them. Also he changed the CD every so often which meant there was silence(except for the sound of the generator). I offered to take over because im pretty sure i could of made a better job just playing my MP3 player but he insisted he wanted to play African hip hop(which IS as bad as it sounds, possibly worse). After an hour there i decided i couldnt take any more and went home to find that the pig had escaped AGAIN! so i spent another half hour trying to tie him up but he kept running away. Anyway i eventually did that and got to bed

Thankfully, Katie(who works in the internet cafe) has got over her Abba addiction after weeks of my complaining, however, even worse, somehow she has now managed to get hold of a Keane CD and is now playing that full volume on repeat. I just cant win.

Love and all that! x

p.s. That mouse is still evading me.”

Love to all
also UB40 are playing their last gig in kampala 2day was gona go c them then realised i dnt like em so no point….anyho
Keep in touch


Well becky is out here and were in Kampala
Spent last week in Kisiizi with Roddy which was rather boring but restfull and gave becky a chance to see rural Uganda.
We are trying to sort out some work and it looks like an orphanage in FortPortal area looks like the best option where we will be staying in pretty much the rain forest with crator lakes
Hope all is well at home