China Girl – David Bowie (literal video)

I love these literal videos made by Dustfilms (More¬†here). This one with David Bowie is a hilarious and yet seemingly perfect version of Bowie’s david_bowie_china_girl1983 song China Girl from Let’s Dance. China Girl is one of those wonderful Bowie songs that makes pretty much no sense yet is an amazing pop song. The China Girl video also makes no sense but give it a watch and enjoy this literal adaption of a Bowie classic above and then the original below.

Zodiac – film view

Watched this today, kinda disapointed to be honest. Great cast some great performances but after being interested in this and reading about it i thought they would really hollywoodise it to the max but they didnt.
Its a decent film but an amazingly terrible true story that should be something more than decent.
Il give it 2.5/5.
Auld jake, mark and robert do perform outstanding.


These kids on #channel4 are ridiculous. If the system has screwed you over why just accept it and go ah well. Where are the students of berlin 1989 and the like?
We need more passion and fight, i am as guilty as everyone else happy to just get pushed around by universities and ‘government'(thats what they like to call it in northern ireland). I am sick of paying a fortune and not being intelectually challenged! I do not just want a degree i want to be shaped, educated and inspired!
Rant over.