Oh hmv

Walk in kings of leon boxset £10 their three best albums. Fear and loathing in las vegas £3,one of hunter.s.thompsons best. Burn after reading £4,watched it again last night. Twin peaks second season £20,no need to explain that one!
I do however dislike their abandon of student discount and the destruction of nearly every small town record shop. Thing is I am writing this in hmv. Ha. Rebel does not begin to explain.

The brave few

It may be a bit unclear but from my view at the royal court hotel I could see some soles.
I love surfers like this. Perhaps Belfast types who work all week and then drive up to Portrush to get a wave or two and who will get wet no matter what the waves are like. True dedication. Puts me to shame. Still love them though.

This year – Part 2

Saw this made me smile. Also got me thinking about my software knowledge and there lack of. I have the basics final cut, photoshop+visual basic.net,well maybe at one stage in my life for that last one,dark days.
I am hoping this year to get friendly with more software:after effects, indesign, illustrator and aperture, I will own you!

Diary of a wimpy kid – view

This is going to be short and bitter. This is a terrible film. Its boring and been done so many times on tv (malcolm in the middle-esq guide to growing up). It is not helped by the fact the main characters manage to be annoyingly insufferable.”
Only half form of saving grace is the character called Fregley and this one scene of him dressed as a unicorn.

Fregley as a Unicorn

The film also manages to destroy any form of love or enjoyment you may get from listening to the teddy bears, total eclipse of the heart(yes even the nicky french version is more enjoyable) and the beastie boys to name but a few.
Total waste of time.
Due to this just being my blog rather than an actual review site I can actually give this film a 0 yep 0/5, 0/10, 0/100 0 out of anything you could think of “times infinity and add a pixie drop”

Howies – a rant

You may know of these guys, the latest catalogue by them is set in the burren,co.clare.
I always enjoy the catalogues, a mixture between selling travel,clothes,lifestyle,adventure,sport and photography.
The clothes they make are splendid,amazing colours with brilliant designs alk crafted in CHINA.
They promote themselves as this eco, nature loving small welsh company but alas making products in china no matter how ‘fairtrade’ or anti-child labour you are still stinks of profits and pleasing share holders.