My two favorite wikipedia lists

Many a student bases most of their essays upon it and all arguments are settled by it. Wikipedia is the fountain of all knowledge.
What I love wikipedia for is its gloriously random lists(also the 5 clicks to Jesus game)

Not this Jesus.

The two lists that are well and truly the best I feel are the list of people who have claimed to be Jesus and the list of people who have disappeared mysteriously.
Both of these lists are a must read for all procastinators.

Through the Viewfinder – The start

Here is the first of many Ttv shots that I am sure I will drown you with over the next while.
This shot is taken on my kitchen table and still has the shavings from the cardboard box I just cut a whole in for my dslr lens. I feel it ads an extra bit of vintage to the photo.
Will be taking more photos this weekend when it isn’t bucketing down outside.

Exit Through The Gift Shop a Banksy film? – A view

Watched this the other day and really enjoyed it. A cracking film and edited by a man from Bristol, hard to critique.

The story of this MBW is annoying to say the least and I never grew to like the Thierry character which I guess is a great ploy by Banksy. There is some great footage of one of the most secretive styles of art that really lets you into the excitement and risk involved with it.
Of course we never get to see Banksy but we do get a lot more into his state of mind than I expected. Its really interesting to see his work shop area and all his drawings and ideas.

One of the artists that really caught my eye however was Zeus who as you can see below paints shadows. It looks incredible and yet is such a simple thing. 

Of course Thierry gets up and close to Zeus which is great but is obviously kinda annoying the guy.

Its a great film and I would highly recommend giving it a watch. Perhaps I would go as far as to say its worth 5 out of 5 but at numerous times I got so fed up with Thierry that it actually started to annoy me so we are talking more 4.6/5.

The genius of University of Ulster, Coleraine

Up north here we have a nightmare of a parking situation( I have heard it is similar in Jordanstown).
Many a day I spend my mornings driving around looking at the usually always empty disabled spots as I catch eyes with fellow carpark space hunters I can not understand why the University year on year get away with charging us for a failing parking system.
You can clearly see how they are currently sorting it out,thats one less space. Cracking work.

Disc 415

Saw this in a charity shop and really do not have a clue what is going on with it. No maker name and all i can see is its a digital camera that goes onto slightly smaller than cd disc? Anybody seen one before?

Polaroid Land Camera

I am now a proud owner of a land, I have plenty of polaroid cameras but no lands. It is everything modern/facebook photography is not. There is a large rubber handle for you to grip as you wrestle the film out and the instructions they of course are on sheets of tin. Its an amazing camera. Now the search for film begins.