My year in review with a look to 2012

2011 has been a pretty big year for me. A lot has happened and a load of life changing decisions have been made. It started off with a 365 photo project. That lasted January.
2011 jumped in half way through my final year of media studies and production at the university of ulster, coleraine. This was my dissertation year where I looked at the influence of the Lawrence collection on Irish photography. I also did a practicle piece using rephotography. A big thanks to Dr. Gail Baylis for keeping me sane. Loved studying and final year was a dream working on such a big topic
I graduated with a first, moved country, got a job and got my first film commissioned “VINYL TOUCH”, as the rest of the year continued in sunny Glasgow.
I have managed to do so many things this year that last year I couldnt even have dreamed of so I will give a brief look at 2012.
2012 I will still be working away at a job I love and on the side keep working on my short film script writing this year and hope I can further develop these.

In 2012 creativity I want to~>

Make atleast two short films over 5mins.
Have a photography project exhibited.
Get working in some major film productions.

Grabbers (2012), Shadow Dancer (2012) and Irish Film- A pre View

Now I am not a big fan of horror, it is one of those genre’s I find cheap, tacky and inappropriate. In recent years films like Saw, Paranormal activity and HC (Not even gona write it) have flown past me without as much as a glance to see any. I have no interest in seeing that sort of gore, perhaps from my moral standpoint but also because watching people getting killed aint really that great.

This whole viewpoint may be turned upside down however,  staying away from stereotypes, cliches and that cheap tacky look comes an Irish Horror, Grabbers.

“When an island off the coast of Ireland is invaded by bloodsucking aliens, the heroes discover that getting drunk is the only way to survive.” Grabbers (2012)

Oh wait nope, I was wrong. Here is hoping there are a few dopey Garda, loads of sheep, a few leprechauns and a member of the IRA. It wouldn’t be so bad if this was another Shrooms (2007), you remember it? No? Good.

The issue I have is that this is representing Irish film along with Shadow Dancer (2012) at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival . Shadow Dancer is set in Belfast so I dont have to confirm that indeed it revolves around the IRA.

When is Ireland and Northern Ireland films going to get away from its tacky stereotypes and make a real leap into the future. There are enough films about the troubles or about rural Ireland with dopey Garda and weird locals. Its about time we stood up and took ourselves seriously because its sure nobody else will if we keep churning out the same stuff.
I know there are a lot of people making some great short films in Northern Ireland but they aren’t getting the same sort of funding as these stereotype films. Maybe I am wrong in thinking we need this? Its just my thoughts as I am sick and tired of seeing pretty big budgets going into rural or trouble films.

Anyway I havent even see as much as a trailer for either of the films and I am sure they are rather entertaining, but I shant be rushing to watch either but will be interested to see the reviews from Sundance.

Battle of the christmas ads

So John Lewis get a Smiths song covered, cute kid, loving family and its all about being excited to give more than receive awwww, as seen below. 

Very cute blah blah but really it aint all that and a bag of chips. If you spend your whole time watching videos of kittens in 240p on youtube of course your gona get emotional when you can actually tell what somebody’s facial expressions are in some form of quality in a video. It has surely been blown out of proportion that this is the height of festive feeling, I didn’t even twinge, just paused it and went to listen to the Smiths original. 

Now on the other hand(four fingers and a thumb, bada boom) We have the festive advert representation from a bit of a higher cliental, Harvey Nichols. What a festive treat this is.

Seriously not a clue what they were thinking. Whats the message? Your a slapper, your gona be walking home after sleeping with some randomer, you need a Harvey Nichols dress, you will then look like you spent a lot and might get in with a postman, if you’re lucky. DONE.
Should have just recreated the video for “Last Christmas” by Wham! with Harvey Nichols clothes, to be fair remaking “Club Tropicana” would be more festive that this.

Love Through The Viewfinder

So I made this last friday. Its a #faketrailer for the @Vimeo weekend project.
Shot entirely on a Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray on 720p. The whole thing idea to export took about 40 mins. It seems like the creative testing due to lack of equipment is going to continue for a while longer. Something I am beginning to live with and I think perhaps even enjoy slightly. No need for Epic’s or 5d’s here. Just good old fashioned story telling. Here are a few photos of my beautiful custom made blutactripod. Drop me a comment and if I get enough interest may start selling them on ebay.
RRP £40 my price £20*
*Phone and tripod not included
At least with this equipment hiatus I am able to focus on writing and currently am working on a number of different shorts that I hope to make during 2012, A few comedies, a romance and a thriller. Hopefully it shall be a big year for me creatively and work wise but I guess the two tie in nicely.

Little Chef

A lot can be said about that motoway magician, little chef. Food indistinguishable, served lighting quick and with a questionable meat ratio. It may have been the 18 hour day talking but I came across this beautiful design relic in the toilet. Somebody sat down and was told “design a tile that will brighten the toilet experience for weary traveler, sleepy drivers and hordes of mothers unions”. That person took that task to hand and came up with the below tile and you know what, my mood was lifted. So for that sir I slow clap you.
More than likely though this tile was just the cheapest at tile market.

Iphonography and the hipster photographer

The debate has been raging for years regarding iphonography. That style that is seen cluttering up facebook profile pics, war photography and people looking up at buildings. You know the type created by hipstamatic or instagram.
I however have been living in the dark ages. No smart phone for years and touch screen was something I did to wipe off dirt. I however have recently gained a smart phone of the android family free via a contract. This has opened up a brand new world as shown in my movember pics.
This I feel gives me the right to discuss this topic. I have been a keen TTv’r for A while and I have to admit that although the process is easier, quicker and the end result is pretty similar, I seem to have a mrs.doyle misery style (link)  love of carrying around an old camera, trying to balance and focus the shot while trying not to look like a complete weirdo staring into a cardboard box. Its just far more satisfactory. Its like comparing growing a tree, cutting it down, chopping it up into sections and shaping it into a glorious chair or go to ikea and follow five steps with some pva glue and get the similar chair. Just that little bit less satisfying. Below is a few of said unsatisfactory photos.