#nowplaying Jose Gonzalez

A – Crosses B – Storm
Crosses is one of my favorite songs of his so this was a must buy. The B side Storm is another gloriously catchy dander along with his soothing voice guiding you. Give it a play if you havent yet. You wont regret it.
The art work is by Elias Araya and is a bit weird. Fetus’s with wings, not what I expected. Solid 4/5.

Paul – a view

Went to see paul last night and what a shockingly terrible film that is. It is the worst film I have seen this week but to put that statement in context I have seen With or without You, nothing personal, resurrection man and rat catcher. I would actualy like to now make a list of films I would rather see than watch Paul.
Godzilla, any of the transformer,spiderman,sex and the city, twilight or harry potter films, the core, beerfest, die hard 1,2,3+4, home alone 3+4, star wars 1-3, andy warhols empire, marley+me ,rita,sue+bob too, any of the saw films…well the list goes on.
This film does not deserve a rating. If it took them over 10minutes to write the script for this I would feel ashamed for mankind as the cliched and childish plot drags along pushed by crude jokes and vulgar lazy written dialogue.


I do not know why I do it. I flick and browse throught tonnes of vinyl abba,ballymoney male choir,bushmills bagpipe band does abba and suchforth hoping to find a gem,but do I. No 99% of the time its rubbish but just for that 1%,its worth it. Also it gets me out of the house.

True Grit – A view

Why lie, I aint seen all of the original, due to shock horror me not being a big fan of ‘the duke’.
True Grit was a bit of a disappointment on Coen Brother standards. I perhaps expected to much from it but its alright, a bit slow at times but the characters are great and Mattie Ross played by Hailee Steinfeld is a great performance. What steals the show I think has to be Matt Damons glorious mustache.

 Why he didn’t have that during the Bourne trilogy is beyond me. Nobody messes with a man with a mustache. 

I have to admit that Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon could make a rather interesting remake of auld Brokeback mountain.

Overall I think its a decent film but deep down I still don’t like westerns. No way to get around that. I think the Coen brothers have done a good job as per usual with the cinematography right the way through. It does not come close to No country for old men and no Steve Buscemi. Need I say more?
A solid 3.8/5. Didn’t rock my world but it wasn’t useless.

Father Ted meets Mad Men

It came to my attention while watching the Father Ted episode “Hell” that Janine Reilly, who knows EXACTLY what I am talking about, has a striking resemblance to a certain Peggy from Mad Men.
My crack team of investigators found out that Janine Reilly is actually Yvonne Shanley and Peggy is Elisabeth Singleton Moss. Mystery Solved but look at those two photos and tell me they are not some what alike?
Mad Men or Father Ted
Mad Men or Father Ted
Mad Men or Father Ted
Mad Men or Father Ted

Mastercard ad

12month parking pass £75, fees per semester £3500, fuel wasted driving around campus £20, finding a free car park space at the university of ulster coleraine campus….priceless ‘there are some things money cant buy for everything else theres student loans’