Dissertation nightmare

I am having to sit in the sun along the north coast at some of the best tourist spots in the world(questionable but i am in a good mood)
Really tough work wish I could sit inside all day ah well. Oh icecream, research of course. Practical work has taken a turn for the awesome.

The BookStore

Here is my short for March. You may have noticed or perhaps not that I am trying to create a short film or photo project every month. Plenty of ideas, shocking lack of time.

A journey and the ‘I’ newspaper error.

Got up at 5.30am, in Belfast this morning to get the bus to the ferry to stranraer to get a bus to Glasgow to have a 20minute interview to get a taxi to bus station to get a bus to stranraer to get the ferry to get the bus to belfast to then drive northwards into the sun. In other news I bought ‘I’ newspaper. Turn to page 23 and the article in bottom right on Ansell Adams negatives and 20 magic bonus points if you notice the word mistake.

Thee Big Mac student special

Want to learn how to make this splendid meal as shown above?(results may vary)
1) First off make your soul cry a little by going into your local golden arches.
2) Place an order for a big mac, make it large if you deserve it.
3) Get out your student card(N.B may or may not need to be seen by staff)
4) Ask for a free cheeseburger as you are a hungry student
5) Place said cheese burger inside said big mac
6) Enjoy.

Richard Ayoade the Wes Anderson of British Cinema

Submarine is a coming of age novel adaption that is turning a few heads on the film festival circuit. Does it however also, with its ‘trendy’ and ‘cool’ characters turn the shape of social realist dependent british cinema? This I feel is yet to be seen and untill its release on the 18th March I shall look forward to seeing it hopefully maybe possibly,but thats a different kettle of fish.

Silky Soles

I hate waiting in airports but this is hilarious. Two male paramedics, shaven head+tattoos one the other bearded. Scene set. Now imagine these two with fish muching at their feet and them squelling like girls and crying with laughter. They are getting there £12 for 15minutes value.