First Barrys adventure of the year

Its that time of the year when I grab my jar of saved up 2p’s and head to ‘the rush’ (aka Portrush) to enjoy Barrys amusements.
I always have a go on the 2p machines and as you can see above it’s rather hard to win at Barrys.
I came home empty handed but with bags of emotional damage from the ghost ride. Over the past three years of me visiting it has not seen much love and that is beginning to show. This is mostly due to the lights being left on during the last quarter of the ride. The things I saw would keep a health and safety officer up at night.
Do not let this put you off Ireland’s largest amusements (not sure if that’s true). Let the chavs sniffing glue, the grumpy staff and smell of vomit do that instead.

Catfish (2010) – A view

Contains spoilers. If you havent seen this film go watch it if yes continue reading.

Its a gewd bit ironic how I came to watch this film. I was trying to figure out who a person in someones profile pic on facebook was and went into their profile. They had a few films that I thought, they are pretty gewd and then they had Catfish so I thought this must be gewd too.
So I watched it the other night and it blew my mind. This year I have seen a number of great documentaries but nothing comes close to this. I was inspired, freaked out, intrigued, scared, excited and most of all gripped the whole way through.

I had watched a trailer and it seemed like the story to me was about a fella who was in a relationship with a girl online…..started watching it and he is making friends with an 8 year old girl, yeah I did start getting worried and the OH started giving me looks. *please dont let it be one of those films* I was worried as I had made her watch Capturing The Friedmans, on the premise it was about the Number 1 New York children’s entertainer(which it is might I add). Anyway it soon transpires that this eight year old painter Abby who has been sending our lead Nev painting of his photography has a nineteen year old sister Megan. This soon blossoms into an relationship via that wonderful site Facebook.

The films really sucks you into the relationship and it gets rather intrusive of it and you at times feel a little awkward. This soon changes over a Tennessee stud. What really intrigued and hooked me in was the fact that this whole documentary is so heavily based on a great story. I really enjoyed the way the whole thing was filmed and as you can see it was not as if they had great equipment, merely a great story. This whole interaction between camera men and actor within the doc brings a whole new dimension that I feel extends the excitement and nervous anticipation of the meet up. I loved that the camera men are just as freaked out if not more in some places than Nev.

The climax to the film with the meeting of Angela is so weird. The bizarre ending of the painting along with a discussion on how she lied and tricked him is amazing and just blew my mind.

If you havent yet head on over to and click on “enter nev’s world” really interesting perspective with a lot more features and photos and actual conversation on it. Bizarre.

It has to be one of my favourite documentaries in the last while and have to give it 5/5.

Dancer in the Dark (2000) – A view

Dancer In the Dark

Decided to watch this after having it recommended to me by a number of people, always with the tagline of ‘its a bit weird’. I think this sums it up pretty perfect. Great simple plot that drags you in with a real emotional pull without over doing it, beautiful hand held camera work to bring you into the intensity of the scenes and then the use of multi camera on the singing scenes (Oh yeah thats right its a musical).

Weird camera angles during singing scenes.
Have to admit I am not a big fan of musicals and it is hard to get great acting and great singing you usually are stuck with one or the other (aka Once). I think Björk really pulls it off in this though. Although some of the songs aren’t going to be sung in the shower some dark morning in November they are suitable and poignant for the film.
Björk doing her thing.

I was pretty taken a back by the final scene which made me like the film even more due to the fact it is really a critique of musicals. I think this is added on to by the plot of the drama society doing ‘The Sound of Music’. Overall great film, not for everyone but well worth a watch. A high 4* on the 5* scale. I feel that perhaps the production quality could have been a little bit better in places but with a rumoured £12million budget I expected better.

The Social Network – A view

This came with many a gewd review but wasnt expecting much. You shant be shocked when I switched it off after 20minutes,what a boring film. Who ever thought that would make for an interesting story probably came up with ‘Dry, the paint and wall story’. 0/5 for attempting to glamorize geeks and a further -5000/5 for creating an evil empire.

Beautiful Retro Digitals

I know its silly these cameras are touching the 1k bar and far beyond on the money front but they are awesome looking. This Fuji FinePix X100 is a particular beauty.

This Leica is incredible looking but what the looks do for you the price surely will destroy. Take a gander anyway. The M9 is up into the 4k group at least but it looks gorgeous. Love the retro look of these.