Red Mist Vs o2

Had a rather eventful day yesterday, with spending time with family, travelling back to Glasgow and getting red mist rage at o2. So I have been a o2 customer for a decent like 5-6 years and have had the o2 WEB bolt-on (No relation to the stop class title challenging football team) for the past three years.
This was fine and I paid £7.50 for 500mb data, some free picture messages and free wifi with BT Openzone. How ever a friend mentioned the price of this Bolt On when they went to buy it was in fact £6. I thought it cannot be the same bolt on or perhaps I shall go to an o2 shop to settle my query.

I headed to the o2 in the fine sea side town of Bangor, Northern Ireland. I explained my query to the blonde girl who went to phone customer services to change it from the £7.50 to £6 (something I could just do in two minutes as that was not the reason for going to the shop).

My issue was that for the past three years I have monthly been paying o2 £7.50 for a service that they are charging other people £6 for. So I expect that with the maximum possibility of me being overcharged £54, I am likely to get some sort of refund.

The girl tells me thats it all sorted and now I will be charged the £6. I confirm that this is a good thing and then question how I get my money back. She smiles and states its only been changed for a few months(she never stated how many) and so it wasn’t a big deal and any way she wasn’t going to give me any money back as it was one of those things. I asked her to explain or justify it and she said that I could always phone up customer services and ask them. I am in the shop, how as a customer can my services not be adhered to.

I told her that this had been completely useless and it was ridiculous that o2 have been overcharging me and have admitted to it but yet will not refund me. If I had been under paying I am sure it would have been a very different situation.

Red Mist Out 0 – 54 o2

Polaroid Land Camera 1000 (boxed with flashes, manuals and perfect condition)

Polaroid land camera 1000
On the 12/12/79 someone walked into the branch No. 950 of Boots in Guilford, Surrey and purchased a Polaroid Land Camera 1000. Perhaps for a Christmas present or maybe just as way of joining in on the instamic fun of Polaroid. What ever reason I am glad they did as I now am the proud owner of this camera. The spotless case, the scratchless camera, the original flash bar and the gently thumbed manual lead me to the conclusion that over the past forty years someone took serious care of this case and contents. To that person I say thank you.