Did Rihanna steal my music video location?

A couple of months ago (June 28th to be precise) I went on a location scout with some of The Emerald Armada. The boys had a few cracking ideas of various fields they wanted to use for photography and music video. I took a few photos the night we went.

We have been in pre-production getting stuff sorted and today I see this photo on BBC news. Rihanna pops in to the area and nabs my location.

To be fair I bet they scouted out the location well before me but still.

Now stopping at Cowcaddens

What a place this is.
Amazing 70’s style like the rest of the SPT subway. It makes me smile everytime I venture underground. I then see the orange bullet screech towards me out of the black adventure tempting holes.
Sadly though it seeks to move on, bye bye orange and brown hello chrome and white and all things Apple esque.
It dont make sense to me, I love the rustic charm. I say keep it and save some of my tax paying money. Your getn enough of it.