John Peel, Copyright and the sneaky sneak

First off big up my man John Peel on this sad day. His Joy Division sessions has had many a play by me.
That leads me on to a find today while time waisting in a generic high street clothing store. Something around krimarp.
The above photo is their take on an iconic Joy Division album cover. They have a bit of a theme with iconic album covers and a sexist, stupid or often both remix.
How does the copyright work on these? Aslong as its your own take its post-modern and work away? Stupid companies and their unoriginal ideas, shame on them.
In other news their clothes are cheap, rumours are that developing world kids tears are half price.

A BTS of the Redbull Mini drome Glasgow by foundlight productions

Two Sundays ago the RedBull minidrome came to Glasgow and I was there with Foundlight Productions to make the official video for the event. It was a great experience for myself having never worked with GoPros which I spent most of the day with. This is a wee break down of the event with some BTS photographs.

The day started off with a variety of competitors arriving most notably the winner from the Polish RedBull Mini Drome Events, Toms (in photo to right). A quite fella but a determined one and he was the first competitor. The competition started with each rider getting a total of six warm up laps to try and get used to the track or even get used to riding a fixie as some competitors just arrived and then borrowed a friends bike.

After the six warm up laps they had to have a go at ten laps as fast as possible. This time was added up and the fastest thirty two would go through to the next round of races. The next round was a head-to-head. Two competitors on each side of the velodrome going as fast as they can to try and catch the other. This was a far more intense situation and made for a number of rather intense battles, some lasting a mere few laps, some going to the bitter end and resulting in a referee’s decision. As this all went on we continued to film from a variety of locations. Time lapses on the balcony looking down, handheld at track side, a jib to shoot the drome action and GoPro’s to capture the intensity in the drome.

Crash captured

In the end it was Toms who came away with the win. He had been in the lead right from the start with his blistering time set as a high bar for the rest to chase. It was a great spectacle and a lot of people seemed to really enjoy a great day out. All the competitors had great fun even those who crashed and there was no severe injuries. Below is the finished video that Foundlight productions made for Red Bull. Enjoy.