Management (2008) – A View

This ‘touching’ rom-com, as its tagline portrays it stars Jennifer Aniston (of use to be married to Brad Pitt fame) and Steve Zahn (of no fame). It is about Mike (Steve) falling in love with Sue (Jennifer) when she stays at the hotel his parents own. This is the part of the review where I fill in what happens in the rest of the film but you get the idea. She aint keen, then she gets more interested then there is distance, then there is dramatic traveling and surprise visits, mixed with something about morals and stuff, then there is an old love interest blah blah cliche cliche cliche and then all happy in the end, mush mush mush.

Back when Brad was kewl.

You may not think it but this film really got me asking questions and thinking. The biggest of all these questions is about Jennifer Aniston. Is it a case she cannot read or that she couldn’t be bothered reading over a script before deciding to do it? I am yet to see her in a half decent film. They all are complete stinkers. Anyone know of a decent film that auld Jennifer has been in? Maybe she just hopes if she does enough films one of them will be decent. I truly aint sure what she is thinking especially with this film. Its terrible. Some of the dialogue is just awkward and pointless. If I want a motel based Rom-Com I will watch Bottle Rocket or even Pyscho, as it is a better option than this serving. Poor poor Jennifer. At least she is better than Angeline Jolie.

A big 1/5. Not worth a watch but it is only and hour and a half of your life lost.