America’s Sweethearts (2001) – A view

I shall advise you not to watch America’s Sweethearts as John Cusack puts in a better performance in the below 20 second clip than he does in an hour and thirty minutes of America’s Sweethearts boredom.

 Thought I would give an overly horribly reviewed rom-com a go, its got Julie Roberts and John Cusack so it has to be half decent. You would hope so anyway. The film is slow to start, patchy throughout and a complete bore. Surprisingly though Catherine Zeta Jones is actually rather good…..lolz no she aint she’s shocking……..Avoid if possible.

Northern Lights – Documentary project

Northern Lights is a documentary project about YOUR Scotland by YOU. Its a simple idea. Capture anything that represents YOUR Scotland. Maybe your walk to work, your thoughts on culture or maybe your favorite place in Scotland. The documentary wants to capture all parts of Scotland so anyone and everyone is welcome to submit. If you are stuck as to what to capture there is also a list of Director’s Requests with suggestions for what sort of footage is needed.
You can use anything from a modern camera phone to a Super 8 camera. The only thing that is needed is to take that footage and put it on Youtube via the WeAreNorthernLights website.

Aberdeen Skyline
 Here is an example of the sort of footage that is needed. An unedited video with no music capturing a bit of Scotland from my perspective.

Since attending the opening night of the Northern Lights project way back in February I have been taking part, filming what Scotland is for me. With my job I have been traveling right across Scotland and the rest of the UK. The project is an amazing opportunity for everyone and anyone in Scotland to have their bit of Scotland seen by the world.
If that isn’t enough to get you contributing there are some amazing awards for a variety of submissions.

So get out there.
Get capturing YOUR Scotland.
and share YOUR Scotland.

Smallest Cinema in Wales

On our way to the next filming location we came across this.
What a wonderful example of vintage charm! Couldnt help myself so I had to pop in and see what it was like.
La Charrette is such a gorgeous wee cinema. Previously one mans pride and joy shared with 70members now it is at the Gower heritage centre. It can be booked for screenings. Amazing atmosphere as you walk in!

15 Second Film Festival Screening. QFT, Belfast

Illustrated poster by @helloiain

2012 has so far been a rather big year for me. Its about to get a lot bigger in the month of May. Two of my short films VINYL TOUCH and DUEL will be screened as part of the 15 Second Film Festival at the Queens Film Theatre, Belfast. These two shorts were both written and directed by me. VINYL TOUCH is about a man with a special skill and DUEL is a window sill battle to the death between two cameras.

This will be my first ever screening so its rather exciting. I of course however am in Wales filming so will not be attending. You however can!
If you head on down to the QFT on Saturday 5th May, the screening starts at 6.45 with doors open at 6. It is free entry with no tickets needed. Heres a link to the FB page with more info about other screenings.
So thats,

5th May 2012
Free Entry

If you catch either of my films let me know what you think.