Skyfall (2012) – A view

I went to see Skyfall at the weekend. Having not been a major Bond fan ever and failing to see one in the cinema since the late 90’s I wasn’t expecting much.
I was however expecting a lot from this man, Javier Bardem.
Having been mesmerised by his performance in No Country for old Men (2007) by the Coen brothers I was excited to see him in the bond villain role.
He did not disappoint in the slightest.
I felt he played the roll to perfection. If you are not a Bond fan go and see it for him alone. The film portrays a gritty type of Bond. Some beautiful cinematography and a few great action scenes but its mostly the usual unrealistic bond cant die action adventure. With a bit of hand to hand combat for added intensity.

I was rather shocked during the Glencoe scenes to see a few rather annoying telegraph poles. Often behind Bond and M during what was meant to be a “take in the beauty” style scene. A slight camera repositioning and the scene is perfection.
Perhaps this is the gritty Bond look, telegraph poles and all.
Overall I am going for a well deserved 4/5 on the Guy scale. God only knows what that means.