Not a clue what Prada and Wes are thinking putting this out with the sound so off. It seems all off to the left slightly. Perhaps some sort of Wes experiment? Not a clue what that would bring to the experience other than feeling like you are slightly deaf in your right ear.

At least it looks nice and great to see Jason Schwartzman after being rather disappointed by his seemingly held back performance in Saving Mr.Banks.

John Tavener

Came as a shock at the end of today when I saw the news of John Tavener passing. I only recently become a fan after being mesmerised by his work on Malick’s epic Tree of life.

Currently now listening to his wonderful lp “The Whale”. What a loss but it was great to see someone bring their faith thought their work. To take influence and passion from their faith and put it into their art form. Could only have dreamed of one day having him compose something for a film of mine. A sad day.


I do however feel so inspired by his life and this quote stood out to me “my way towards God has been to write music”. As someone who has struggled to feel inspired or uplifted by singing worship but yet capturing nature through a lens gives me a connection. Strange but a small thought.

You say too soon, I say too late.

They say you can tell a lot about a person by what type of music they listen to. I suspect you can find out far too much about someone when you know when they listen to a certain polarising type of music.


Between Andy and Sufjan I could happily devour “festive” music all year round. I bring the shame.

When is your Christmas music start and cut off point? If you have one?

Schreiber dressing table

Just look at those drawers. The beautiful curve on the back, completely unseen by all but the curious few. Such great design should be on display but instead is sunk away inside this great dressing table.



Picked up by the wife from Govan this beauty has now been farrow and balleded. The bottom row of drawers now painted a variety of obnoxiously named colours from witches breath not black to east facing moorland misty mint. I think I shall go sit down.