Is it spring?

Birds chirping away, trees cleared from the path and glorious sunshine streaming into my flat pre 9am. Perhaps Glasgow is apologizing for a miserable winter with an early spring?
I glance a smile and a hello to a fellow reveller of the morning commute, the hatred in their eyes pierces my hello and raises me 1000 I hate the mornings. Spring has not sprung.

New lens set up for Christmas


So managed to acquire a new lens, Soligor 200mm f4.5 and via a doubler and some adaptor it’s 400mm and on my 550d. What a beast!!
It even has a de-clicked manual aperture ring on the lens. Tempted to get the rest done, would be great for video.


So this is a 550d with a eos mount to Y/CX mount adaptor, then a Tokina doubler for Y/CX mount, then a Y/CX mount to M42 screw thread mount with a Soligor 200mm lens which has said M42 mount.