Best film soundtrack of 2014


2014 was a bit of a strange one for soundtracks. A Wes Anderson film came out, surely the King of Quirk would ride to number 1 on his bike made from old trumpets without a question. Alas he went for an original score, not a 70’s throwback to be heard. Setting your film in war torn Europe does lesson the opportunities to stick some Bowie in. Even though its a lovely score it wasn’t that memorable.

Mallick also didn’t make an appearance, which nowadays isn’t so taken for granted. He did however produce this, which after watching 2 seconds of this trailer should come as no surprise.

So who do I turn to? My two favorites were rather close for very different reasons. The runner up is the OST from Frank.

A musical of sorts based fictionally around the paper mache wonder that was Frank Sidebottom. Some hilarious songs that make you want to “Dance all night, dance all night”.

The wonderful whimsy of the whole film, mixed with the great performances as the music was recorded live made for a really enjoyable film and by adding a Gleeson its probably the best comedy film of 2014 for me.

The number one slot goes to a film that could well be the best film of 2014 for me. A lot of critics have also placed it high up in their top tens and if you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest you do.

The Score done by Mica Levi is spectacular.  I recently on a drive up to Oban couldnt get the tracks out of my head as we weaved along the Lochs. Glazer’s film is beautiful and creepy but the soundtrack really does take it to another level.

It actually “took about nine months of working pretty constantly” for Mica to make it. That nine months certainly paid off and it has to be my best soundtrack of 2014. No other film has made me mention the soundtrack before even discussing the film with people. Enjoy.

The sad decline of vinyl in Glasgow

Once the way of the tape, innards pulled out in a way no pencil can fix. Then it moved to the CD, dragged from its sleepy bed betwixt the ashtray and the dashboard, then hurled, scraped and bashed, left abandoned at the sides of roads. It’s only crime perhaps a skip or a jump.
Now it’s the turn of the new golden child, vinyl. Left to melt in the Glasgow sunshine, no chance it can survive.
Is there no love in this mad world anymore?


Vimeo Ireland: Pick of January 2015


Some of you may be aware that I run the Vimeo Ireland group on…well Vimeo. I try my best to keep it a lively group and with now over 100 members and over 400 videos its doing alright for itself. I often select a video or two from the group that I like. The two below are my selections for the first month of 2015. They both caught my eye and are both great depictions of Ireland in their own ways. Check them out.

Through the Lens – Limerick Milk Market from Conor Bryce on Vimeo.

I recently watched a video capturing Paris through the lens of an old Pentax and had to try something similar. I constructed a rig to hold both my Nikon and an old Lubitel 166b in place, strapped it to my chest, and went shooting!

Graded using Magic Bullet Looks.
Edited in After Effects/Premiere.

“Ascent” – Adam Taylor

Dislocation [Short Film] from Fintan Kearney on Vimeo.

Two security guards in the South of Ireland discover there may not be all that much to keep secure.

A short drama about holding onto the past and how loosing a life long job can mean loosing your status and belonging in the world.

The Ferris Bueller Fight Club Theory


I love a good conspiracy theory and when two films that I love are involved in that theory, well that near on blows my mind. The theory stands that in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Ferris doesn’t actually exist and is instead all part of Cameron’s imagination. This “Fight Club”  theory didn’t make mush sense…….but then I watched the below Classy Hands mash up. Prepare to have all your thoughts on the John Hughes Classic blown to pieces.


New Years on the Isle of Mull


The adventure began before we even got onto Mull. I love the calmac ferries, the vintage feel to them reminds me of caravan holidays. The smell seems to achieve this too. Not sure why but you feel both equally unsafe and at home on them.










The beauty of Mull is breathtaking and getting out into it during the few days I was there really inspired me. Along with some amazing local stories that got my mind rushing for wonderful short films. The visuals up there are now very high up on my list of ideal locations.

I even managed to get some photography in. I forgot how gorgeous the night sky is outside of the city, went out on a few nights to do some long exposures. The old 550d though is starting to show signs of deterioration as I noticed a number of red pixels. Was also rather disappointed with the impossibleproject film I had brought, it takes nearly an hour to fully develop, is easily damaged and the colours are rather poor. I have used previously out of date Polaroid film that has always been great so was gutted after spending so much on this stuff for it not to deliver.


One of the joys of a cottage is of course the fires and this wee place had two. One was an amazing wood burning stove and the other was an old open coal fire. Keeping them going was great fun, hard to beat a bit of early morning wood chopping. The place was fully kitted out and could happily spend months there.


The journey home via the second ferry was a lot of fun and this wee pub was a welcome sight after driving through mountains and gorges on single tracks for hours.


And then we were home. So quickly the whole festive break finished and back to the grind. Straight into publish, publish, publish. The relentless drain of the clunky CMS.