Oslo Opera House, Norway


Had a dander around and in the glorious Oslo Opera House. It really sticks out as you walk down to the harbor among these gorgeous old buildings and then boom it just rises up out of the water. The Oslo Opera House is crawling with people inside and out but yet it manages to feel empty and barren. It is a gorgeous bit of architecture and manages to sit perfectly into Oslo, as its nickname suggests it really is like an iceberg.oslo_reflection oslo_opera_artopera_oslo oslo_opera oslo_opera_house

The reflections and light during sunsets all around the building is stunning. The skyline around it is all changing as there is major building work. I would highly recommend a jaunt down to this and wish we had planned to go in to see something as the building looks stunning. I would also suggest taking a look at the toilets, a particular highlight when compared to usual male toilets.