Darwin Deez – The Mess She Made

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Old Darwin does it again with another amazing music video. Directed by  this video is a visual treat as all Darwin’s videos are. A combo of a massive f.22 stop means they have focus for days and some amazing visual tricks. Some of the set ups are so perfect that the money looks faked. Have a look below and take a look at some of Darwin’s other amazing videos.

Darwin Deez- The Mess She Made from Oscar Hudson on Vimeo.

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That time The X-Files & Twin Peaks merged


You would easily be forgiven for thinking the above still is from the intro to early 90’s Lynch murder mystery Twin Peaks, trailer shown below. It is actually from Season 1 of The X-Files.

In the 19th episode of the first series, “Shapes” Mulder and Scully find themselves in an Indian reserve. Of course our main man Mulder appears in Twin Peaks as Denise Bryson the DEA agent. However past this there is even deeper Twin Peaks X-Files cross over.


Who happens to appear as the local officer in this season 1 episode of X-Files, none other than Deputy Hawk from Twin Peaks.xfiles_twinpeaks2
This 90’s classic tv mash up between X-Files and Twin Peaks is a joy to behold. I can only imagine the sort of world Lynch could have created had he been let lose with X-Files.

Even the palette of colours used seem to match. Perhaps early 90’s directors of photography all stuck to the same browns and greys but it sure as hell looks great.

Even the selective lighting in this episode is gorgeously crafted. This also fits into the twin peaks x-files cross over. 

I think the new series of X-Files has a lot to live up to never mind the new Twin Peaks. I would love to imagine another cross over episode in the two new series. Would sure help Lynch to explain 90% of that second series.

What are you more excited to see, new series of X-Files or Twin Peaks?


Norway: Nature Vs Architecture

oslo_ski_jumpIn my previous post about the Oslo Opera House I was so impressed with Oslo and Norway in generals architecture that I failed to even mention the stunning nature that surrounds it. I love how brave and self assured their buildings are sat among stunning back drops. In the UK we often see strong architecture among nature as an eye sore, but here they seem to embrace it if not encourage it. I loved taking walks in Oslo with their gorgeous parks and then also out into the coniferous forests that epitomize to me Scandinavian landscapes. The way they put new and old together so well sums up their way of seemingly doing everything to a high standard. This old wooden church, where a wedding was taking place, was over the road from this glass and stone ski jump. Both sticking out of the trees around them and complimenting each others shapes. I could never see this sort of harsh design being allowed in the UK without an outcry.


I however love me some contrasting architecture and Brutalism in particular. When discussing Scandinavian architecture with our host in Oslo he was shocked to hear we liked this style. He considers it boring and insists that most Norwegians feel the same way. It may have been my imported Bushmills Whiskey convincing him, but into the small hours of the morning I managed to change his mind on this. I think it gets a harsh time, but a quick look at WoWhaus’s collection of amazing brutalist houses and its hard not to fall in love. norway_path_forestoslo_bridgeoslo ski jump norway