29/Jan 2016: Another self portrait 

I guess it’s the willing model that makes self portraits an easy out for this so apologies if you’re tired of seeing these. Only two days to go so I am sure you will cope.

Still hiding behind a camera and always not so clear. I shall look forward to putting these 31 photos together and writing a conclusion to the project. January seems to have lasted so long.

28/Jan 2016: Depth over distance


It has been a long time since I got my Kodak Duaflex out but it was a delight to have a play with it today. Nearly froze my fingers off but it was worth it for this fun contrast of colours, styles and era’s of Glasgow.

The red in the background is from the Waverley, the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world and the metal structure mirrored  in the Duaflex is of the Glasgow Science tower which is the tallest 360 degree rotating freestanding structure in the world.

26/Jan 2016: A Maryhill Odyssey

Now if you want to see strange unexplainable sights that would shock even Stanley then the LIDL in Maryhill just before closing is the place for you. So many curiosities and special offers, all with the added bonus of one till open. I of course witnessed that magical of all LIDL moments when a second till was opened, perhaps something for the CV or a shanty to regale in future times.

Twin Peaks Action Figures by Max Dalton

twin peaks figurines

How amazing are these Twin Peaks action figures by the very talented Max Dalton. You may recognise the style and the name from the spectacular The Wes Anderson Collection book by Matt Zoller Seitz. The illustration in it are a thing of real beauty.

Some how I suspect we wont be seeing Special Agent Dale Cooper lining up beside Boba Fett on small children’s and middle aged men’s shelves but its fun to imagine. What I would like to see is the expansion packs. A Red Room set where we can etaercer recreate our favourite scenes or perhaps just cut large sections of the plot out of series 2.

agent cooper the log lady

25/Jan 2016 – Glasgow dry spots

Finally get myself out of the office for a break from the screen. Of course it decides to bucket it down and completely soak me. Thankfully I had the “smartie tube” as NOBODY calls it to give me some brief relief from the Glasgow drizzle.

  Took this one on my wee Polaroid Cube+. It’s a great wee action camera and giving me a lot of fun. Expect me to be doing a bit more filming, timelapses and photography using it.

One of the best bits about it is the fact you can’t see what you are taking. It’s like film all over again. I took snaps all day today and then just had a look there now, some fun results and some disasters. All part of the fun and mystery. You can of course use your phone and wifi to look but that takes all the fun out of it.

23/Jan 2016 – Duvet days with Cat Stevens

A wonderful stomach bug has dogged my week and finally beat me today.

Thankfully I had Cat Stevens to cheer me up, grew up on him during long car journeys, short car journeys and well any journeys. Loved his soundtrack to Harold and Maud. If you haven’t given it a watch I would advise it for the soundtrack and dark comedy that would put the Coen brothers to shame alone.

22 / Jan 2016 – Bokeh fenced in


I know you are all wishing and hoping on a nice day light filled photo that I promised. I did head out at lunch, but alas I was more caught up with the tasty goodness of Old Salty’s on Argyle Street, don’t tell my mum.

I instead have a wonderfully ISO filled, Bokehtastic and fence filled photo for you. It’s the weekend and one week left of photos, lets do this.