Star-sleeper and the desire to make physical products

I recently came across the amazing star-seeker by Brisbane based furniture maker/photographer, Isaac Chatterton.

This stunning piece of art/furniture/home is a gorgeous contrast amongst the throwaway attitude we see all to often today. This isnt the sort of tent you take up a mountain or drag to a festival. These festival tents bought in haste and then left in pieces across fields is become an annual news article after Glastonbury etc, it’s a rather horrible insight into how we treat what to many around the world is a home.

While not being some form of social justice message to make us repent from our tent discarding sins, it certainly got me thinking. How amazing would it be to have one of these in the back of your car, hidden in a secret forest spot or overlooking a beach on an Island. You don’t set this up, you build it.

More importantly it got me wishing I could make something physical, even shooting film rather than digital has been a great break away from having hundreds of photos saved on Flickr but a physical hold in your hand polaroid. Something I want to achieve during this year of projects is to make a physical item. After making my bag I have been really interested in doing some more design and stitching, hopefully I am going to get round to designing and making my own clothes later this year, keep your eyes peeled.

In the mean time check out how awesome this Star-sleeper is.