2016 Monthly Projects

monthly projects
February – #28tomake

During 2016 I created monthly art projects. A chance to push myself artistically and collaborating with some creative people. Below is the 12 projects I created from video, art, photography to design, I previously did a project every month of 2013 and you can see those projects here.

January – Daily photo

The first project I have decided to undertake is a daily photo throughout January, you can see that project here 

February – #28tomake

The February project has sort of dropped into my lap. It is a Creative Live #28tomake project that you can see me doing here.

March – The Grams Project

A bit of a strange project where I used geolocation and Instagram to create a lot of UGC and confusion.

April – Expired Film Day 2016

I took part in the Expired Film Day which is exactly what it seems. I signed up and got sent some trippy expired film, shot it and even won.

May – BBC Arts Doc and Vimeo Weekend Challenge

A rather busy month of work ended in two video projects. One about a 19th Century Politician and filmed in Cambridge. The other about 2p machines and shot in Aberdeen.

June – Berlin by Bike

Does what it says on the tin, video of Berlin as seen by a bike.

July – #rhvignette

My submission to Radiohead’s music video project.

August – Analogue Snapchat or a representation of the Edinburgh Festivals in 35mm film

Photography project failure in Edinburgh and with a 35mm experiment.

September – Collaborative Project 6 – Art

AvoidAllFriends video game, video and posters as part of an exhibition.

October – Copenhagen adventures

Photography project with 35mm and an experimental Lomography camera.

November – TheSwap

Photography portrait project with Claire Quigley.

 December – Design & Make shirt

Designing and making a shirt. An ongoing project that has now gone into 2017.