My #ExpiredFilmDay prize

I was very kindly awarded the prize for best selfie for Expired Film Day 2017. for my self portrait taken in Val Thorens after travelling from Scotland-England-Switzerland-France during the 15th March. Below is my last photo from the day as I passed out in a tiny chalet bed.

Prize: Three (3) rolls of unusual expired 35mm Kodak film, including Film Rescue full-service processing.

Criteria: Best photo that could be captioned, “Hey creep, it’s not a selfie — it’s a self portrait!

Winner: Guy PhenixExpired me

Comment: Hallelujah! Like a modern day Shroud of Turin. No need to carbon date — obviously expired! — Greg @ FRI

If you don’t know what Expired Film Day is, it’s a day to really celebrate the randomness and beauty of analogue film in its expired state. Every year across the world people take photos on March 15th using expired film. Polaroid film, 35mm, one month out of date or even decades. They then all submit them in for a competition and prizes.

So with my three rolls of prize film I decided I would take them on an adventure with me. So I took them along with me to New York for a few days.

The amazing team from Film Rescue International have now returned my negatives and high resolution scans.

There are some amazingly colours, bleeds and weird exposures. I love so many of them and so I will be posting one photo everyday of October, to begin with.

Keep an eye out on the blog and Instagram for the photos.


From Sea to Table: The MUNCHIES Guide to Norway

Halaigh Whelan-McManus
Halaigh Whelan-McManus. He’s a savage for bacon and cabbage

Randomly came across this on YouTube this week, I had seen some from the Munchies channel before but never from such an engaging host. Halaigh Whelan-McManus is our host, a sous-chef at Maaemo, the three-star Michelin restaurant. He takes us through a personal and informative look at Norwegian food and cooking via some not so local locals. The style is beautiful and Halaigh’s interactions and excitement feel so genuine and heartfelt that it really is a joy to watch. Prepare for a culinary tour that doesn’t attempt to be pretentious but has an Irish charm with a gorgeous Norwegian backdrop.

Catch part one and two below and let me know what you think of it.

From Sea to Table: The MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 1)

Dining in Snowy Heights: The MUNCHIES Guide to Norway (Part 2)