Letโ€™s make something together, goals and projects in 2018

It’s a new year and a chance to creatively refresh. As you know I often do monthly projects, these often end up rushed, uncreative and forced.

This year I am going for something different. I am going to set a list of goals that I want to achieve over the next 12 months. In whatever order or time and with anyone. That’s the important bit. I’d love to collaborate with more people on projects.

If you see anything from the below list that interests you or have an idea for a project and need someone to collab with let me know.

  1. Make a film and submit to festivals. (Really enjoy writing, filming and editing and don’t do enough of it outside of work)
  2. Design and make a shirt. (Said I would do this last year and failed)
  3. Do a photography project on portraits. (Project already planned, a double exposure portrait snap)
  4. Launch a website product (have the idea just need to learn some backend)
  5. Expand on Elliott’s Triangles (I want to set a very achievable 52 sales in a year.)
  6. Create a simple IOS app. (looking at a simple ABV calculator for homebrewing)
  7. Brew 12 beers this year and enter into a competition. (At the end of 2017 I got into brewing again, 2018 I am going bigger)
  8. Organise an event (Anything really, exhibition, screening or gig)
  9. Create some physical art and display it publically (I have had a few ideas about this in the past but never made them, one involves physical Vines)

I will expand on this during the rest of the year as ideas and projects come into my head. This is a starting point though and if anything if of interest get in touch on TwitterInstagram or Email