Let’s make something together, goals and projects in 2018

It’s a new year and a chance to creatively refresh. As you know I often do monthly projects, these often end up rushed, uncreative and forced.

This year I am going for something different. I am going to set a list of goals that I want to achieve over the next 12 months. In whatever order or time and with anyone. That’s the important bit. I’d love to collaborate with more people on projects.

If you see anything from the below list that interests you or have an idea for a project and need someone to collab with let me know.

  1. Make a film and submit to festivals. (Really enjoy writing, filming and editing and don’t do enough of it outside of work)
  2. Design and make a shirt. (Said I would do this last year and failed)
  3. Do a photography project on portraits. (Project already planned, a double exposure portrait snap)
  4. Launch a website product (have the idea just need to learn some backend)
  5. Expand on Elliott’s Triangles (I want to set a very achievable 52 sales in a year.)
  6. Create a simple IOS app. (looking at a simple ABV calculator for homebrewing)
  7. Brew 12 beers this year and enter into a competition. (At the end of 2017 I got into brewing again, 2018 I am going bigger)
  8. Organise an event (Anything really, exhibition, screening or gig)
  9. Create some physical art and display it publically (I have had a few ideas about this in the past but never made them, one involves physical Vines)

I will expand on this during the rest of the year as ideas and projects come into my head. This is a starting point though and if anything if of interest get in touch on TwitterInstagram or Email

My favourite stuff of 2017 and a review

Will I ever learn? Every year I come here and write a blog post with some wonderful plans for a New Year ahead, full of photography, filmmaking and exciting art projects.

This year was a break from the 12 monthly projects, a chance to relax and get away from the forced creativity that would enable me to do bigger better projects.

I did nothing.

Only thing of note this year outside of a very creative job was my photography from New York. To be honest, I was rather pleased with a number of photos I took.

More importantly, let us look externally at things that I thought were awesome in 2017.

Travel location – Brooklyn, New York

Such an amazing city which I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did. As a simple country boy, I never imagined I’d see places like this and get to stay with some amazing people and go to Coney Island looking for Warrriooorrrssss.

Albums – Top 3

Any year that has Ed Sheeran as the most streamed artist isn’t a good year in my books. Still, some banging tunes came out this year. These three albums contain some of my favourite tunes.

  1. LCD Soundsystem – American Dream
  2. Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruin
  3. Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly and James McAlister – Planetarium

Special shout out to Wolf Parade returning with a massive album

Feature Film – Tony Erdmann

Again, I did not go and see enough films this year. The top pick for this year is reliant on you enjoying super dark, long and German films. If not give it a miss.

Short Film – Glue

Between the amazing follow shots, the awesome jazz soundtrack and some serious pow pow, what’s not to love.

Advert – McTavish Surfboards – Dirt Nap

Only came across this recently but it’s gorgeous. I do enjoy a visually amazing ad, it’s like perfume ads, you see them and you’re just like “wha??” but it’s a visual representation of a smell, how could it not be “Whaaaaa??”.

Sporting event / Venue – West Ham Vs Bolton, Olympic Stadium

This was a bit of a grim one. We got trashed, was a horrendous game but it was so much fun. The stadium looked majestic as we walked up to it, the chants were hilarious and the sleeper train home to Glasgow afterward was a delight.

Documentary – Right To Roam from Patagonia

Another recent discovery but a really inspiring one from Patagonia. When you live in Scotland sometimes you forget how amazing the freedom of walking, camping, and exploring is in this gorgeous place. Well worth a watch and yes snowboarding again, it’s playing on my mind perhaps.

TV Show #spoilers – Twin Peaks: The Return

Easy one for me, enjoyed this weirdness immensely. Such a visual and audio treat. Could have done with less Dougie Jones but you had to go through that to get kick ass cooper.

Beer – North Sea Stout from Pilot Beer

Drank a lot this year but this recent beverage has peaked it. Sea water in a milk stout, it makes no sense but tastes yum.


My cat wants to do some acting so he asked for some head shots for Christmas

He can’t act and he has one character he plays, literally could be in countless Hollywood roles. Also thinks the cat in Inside llewyn Davis was average at best and would be willing to play the role in the inevitable sequel, Outside llewyn Davis. If anyone knows the Coen Brothers he suggests you pass this link onto them for their consideration, can do accents, is a cat.

November weekend in photos and an Etsy launch


Spent the weekend with this little bear as we wandered around Glasgow. Ended up heading to Bakery by Zique, some amazing tasty treats.

Since we got Elliott my wife has been making bandanas for him to wear, as seen above. We have now started to put together an Etsy shop where we sell some gorgeous bandanas made from some one off and specialist fabrics. Have a look-see below, it’s been fun to have a physical object to ship for a change.



New York Photography 31 – USA

Hard to find a more iconic representation of all things NYC. Those images from 9/11 are some of the most shocking and memorable. The fire engines flying into the smoke and debris, knowing full well the risk and danger ahead of them.

I am hoping to do some art projects like this daily images during 2018. Get in touch if you have an idea for a project or if you just fancy making something.