About Last Night (1986) – A view

So I had it recommended to me by a certain birthday boy that About Last Night was a classic Rom-Com of the 80’s. I decided to give it a gander and boy am I glad I did a wonderful roller coaster ride of excitement, love and fashion. The ride just stopped and I am already queing behind the thousands of people to get another thrill. Thats enough of the roller coaster metaphor I need to stamp a score on this film and nothing but 5*’s will do. Why you shout, how can this deserve such an acalade. Well I write these views so it goes by my scale so what I say goes end of and also here is a reason for every star in full picturetastic HD 3D. (may or may not contain picturtastic HD 3D images, read the label, never talk to strangers and don’t do drugs. )

1) Christmas Jumperdress 

2) Some high top love

3) You could land a helicopter on those shoulder pads

4) It ain’t even sunny out

5) Little Virgin Mary metaphor here, and who said Rom-Coms couldn’t be deep.

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