An amstrad project

Amstrad player

I have gone and got myself a small project. From the brain child of a certain lord sugar this amstrad beauty is in near perfect condition. Hardly used and with full manual it was good to go. It even came with the best of The Police cassette tape inside. Need I say more?


The plan is to rip out the horrifically poor record player and replace it with something that sounds a bit more clear than the current cactus on a plastic stick sound I am getting at the moment.


The innards are nice and clean with hardly even any dust. I suspect one careful OCD owner has had it for the last 30 years,

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  1. Hello Guy

    I hope you’re well. My childhood fascination with audio and Hi-Fi equipment as stayed with me it seems, and I have also recently purchased this same system. An Amstrad TS33 Mk2. Sadly the tape deck on mine is a bit knackered, but I’m not worried by that. It’s the turntable I’m after. It has however been playing a touch fast. Would you have any idea on how to slow it down at all? I’d love to replace the deck all together, but no idea how to. How are you getting on with your project? I hope all is well.

    Best wishes
    Tom Wilkinson

    1. Hi Tom,

      The too fast/too slow issue is something I regularly have. May be down to the belt? or it could be the 35rpm/45rpm knob, a bit of a sensitive movement can change the speed dramatically.
      I had hoped to open up my machine to find a nice amp I could then hook up to a new turntable….its not The cheap build of these machines knows no bounds. I am currently considering a total gutting of everything. Then putting in a turntable and a amp on the top. With the gap where the tape deck/amp/radio would be becoming a vinyl storage space. Its hard to find amps that are small enough though.


      1. Hi Guy

        Mine was too fast, but sorted it today. Re-wired the motor and replaced the belt, speed wise it’s now fine. I was considering the same, gutting it. But the moment I opened it I knew that wasn’t a great idea.

        The system is not seperate, its all one piece. Replacing the deck is easy, but only with the right one. Make sure you get a turntable with a dimond stylus, otherwise you won’t hear a thing. Dimond styluses create a much louder sound into the amp, a normal deck doesn’t work with this system.

        I’ll tell you the amp is actually good quality, just get a good pair of speakers and use good quality speaker wire. If you dont know much on electronics, tearing the thing apart will not go well. I have some knowledge of electronics, so was confident in changing certain things.

        I hope it goes well for you, enjoy it, these things are a good experience. Mine was £45, not much worked, but hard work on my part got it back like new. My advice, don’t throw money at it, it isnt worth it. Just take your time, and enjoy it, it’llbe worth it in the end, trust me.

        Best wishes, let me know how you get on.

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