April – Expired Film Day 2016

For my April project I am taking part in Expired Film Day 2016. I put my name in to the film giveaway to be sent some expired film and got a wonderful selection from the team behind it as shown below. It gave me a great chance to get out my many under used film cameras for a bit of fun.

#ExpiredFilmDay So many options and not a clue what to go for. #film #35mm #Glasgow #vscocam

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On Expired Film Day (15th March) it was a horribly overcast day in Glasgow and I was working so it was a bit of a challenge to try and get some decent photos. Also the first monthly project of daily photos had covered most things near me of interest.

I loaded up two cameras a Yashica 108 with Elite Chrome 400 (supplied by ExpiredFilmDay which had expired in 03/1999) and a Vivitar VP3550 with Kodak Pro BW400CN (supplied by ExpiredFilmDay exp 06/2013). I took a weird route to work crossing a few Glasgow icons and then at lunch walked some of the Clyde and got some models to come out. Big thanks to Claire and Craig for being very kind with their time.

Less than two hours left of #ExpiredFilmDay and things are going weird…. #vscocam

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I did some more “arty photos” later that evening and some self portraits, they are still undeveloped and I am planning on using the Caffenol process for that. Really enjoyed the process of developing my own film for the first time at home and shocked that I managed to successfully do it. This has really inspired me to get back into using film, it has been a rather sporadic format for me having only had one day in a darkroom in the mid 2000’s. With so many Boots closing their film development departments I think I will be developing a lot more at home as its surprisingly cheap and easy.

Part of the challenge of the Expired Film Day is only being able to submit three images. I managed to in the end come down to these final three below.

1. Split Roles

Camera: Vivitar VP3550 Film: Kodak Pro BW400CN supplied by ExpiredFilmDay (exp 06/2013)

I really enjoyed the scanning process and loved doing these half and half scans. I did a number which you can see below. I love the contrasting colours in this and the harsh lines.

2. Craig Steele

Camera: Yashica 108 Film: Elite Chrome 400 supplied by ExpiredFilmDay (Exp 03/1999)

Took this of Craig Steele around the back of the science museum, took a number of staged portraits but of course this bit of natural movement looked the best.

3. Expired shipbuilding

Camera: Yashica 108 Film: Elite Chrome 400 supplied by ExpiredFilmDay (Exp 03/1999)

This final one is all about the weird and trippy colours from developing the Elite Chrome in C41 solution to make it go a little mad. Could never make it shape around the crane like it has if I tried a million other times.

UPDATE 28/04/2016

Following the announcement of the winners from the Expired Film Day I am pleased to announce that I won the “Wackiest Color Shift” with my photograph, Expired Shipbuilding.

Below are the comments from the judges on the photograph.


Guy Phenix - Expired Shipbuilding
Guy Phenix – Expired Shipbuilding

Wackiest color shift:
Expired Shipbuilding” by Guy Phenix

“This was the hardest category to pick something in. This film was clearly destroyed, and still managed to get a usable image. Not just one shift, not just two, but THREE.” — Marc van Ommeren

“Is it a blue shift? Is it a yellow shift? No one knows! But it really works with the composition, too. If only expired film could be predicted well enough to do this intentionally!” —Daniel J. Schneider

“It’s almost like Guy forgot to invert the negative before submitting this image (don’t worry, he did). I love the blue/yellow cast and the way each horizontal third of the frame is counterpointed by what looks like intentionally applied strobing, going left to right. I know what EliteChrome 400 is supposed to look like and this isn’t even close!” — EMULSIVE

“Like an apocalypse of color shifting from the green skies of an alien world to a white-out nuclear blast, this is how I expect the end to look. Perhaps this image is a capture of our world after a Trump White House?” — Raymond Larose


Cutting room floor

Below are the pictures that didn’t make the cut, some I really liked so take a look and let me know what you think. You can check out the other submissions from people over here at the submissions page.

Expired Film Day 2016