20th beer of Christmas 

London Pale Ale – Meantime Brewing – 4.3%

A complex mix of hops in this bad boy. Cascade and Centennial hops for the aroma, then loads of local Kentish Goldings for a bitter refreshment. It claims a lot but doesn’t really deliver to be honest. Disappointed after all that hop-buildup. 4/10

Top 5 Posts of 2015

Welcome to a review of the top 5 posts from this years blog. A rather unsuccessful year in general with a disappointing lack of goals achieved, I shall review this sooner to the New Year. Below are the posts that had the most views across the year. Mostly all photography from day trips with a treat of a surprise coming in at Number 1.

5. Day tripping at Blair Drummond


A few photographs from a fun day out at the wonderful Blair Drummond Safari park. Well worth a visit if you are looking for a day out in Sunny Scotland.

4. The top of Fermanagh & the Great Wall of Cuilcagh


This mountain, Cuilcagh has been a landscape to my childhood. This year they put a walk way all the way up its 666 metres. Here are some photographs from it. This post was helped by the lovely Freckle giving it a share on twitter, they plan on heading west soon to experience it.

3. Curved ridge on Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe


More climbing but this time a Scotish adventure up the Curved Ridge and another Munro ticked off.

2. Daily Photo – 13 – Depth


As part of my Daily Photo series where I posted a random picture from my 40,000 odd pictures I was archiving. This is from St. Peters Seminary which is about to become a wonderful feature of Architecture 2016.

Hinterland from NVA on Vimeo.

1. Nothing but praise for Shia LaBeouf


Last but not least it’s Shia. What a year he has and what a total hero. This was a blog recapping my favorite things about him. Shall be adding to this in 2016 no doubt! Even Stevens 2? YES PLEASE!

15th beer of Christmas

Anarchy Brew Co – Xmas Chaos – 4.5%

Had a slug there and the name says it all. Total festive chaos on the nose and taste. Rum and raisin with loads of spice with a hint of beer. Let’s say like 6/10, nice but not loving it.

14th beer of Christmas 

SA Brains – I Sea Santa – 4.5%

Back onto the festive beers. This spicy and treacle heavy brew is a real attack of the senses. Supposedly there’s Laverbread, Welsh edible seaweed, but I cannot taste or smell a hint of it over the spices. Nice festive brew 6.4/10

7th beer of Christmas

You may remember that the elves down at Ales by mail managed to muddle up 7. Here it is in all its glory.

Alechemy Brewing – Talisman – 4.1%

Having used cascade as my first ever adventure into hops with my home brewing I have come rather fond of it. This lager is complemented with a moderate bitterness that while not pulling at the tongue allows the cascade hops to give a good kick.