Iphonography and the hipster photographer

The debate has been raging for years regarding iphonography. That style that is seen cluttering up facebook profile pics, war photography and people looking up at buildings. You know the type created by hipstamatic or instagram.
I however have been living in the dark ages. No smart phone for years and touch screen was something I did to wipe off dirt. I however have recently gained a smart phone of the android family free via a contract. This has opened up a brand new world as shown in my movember pics.
This I feel gives me the right to discuss this topic. I have been a keen TTv’r for A while and I have to admit that although the process is easier, quicker and the end result is pretty similar, I seem to have a mrs.doyle misery style (link)  love of carrying around an old camera, trying to balance and focus the shot while trying not to look like a complete weirdo staring into a cardboard box. Its just far more satisfactory. Its like comparing growing a tree, cutting it down, chopping it up into sections and shaping it into a glorious chair or go to ikea and follow five steps with some pva glue and get the similar chair. Just that little bit less satisfying. Below is a few of said unsatisfactory photos.