A wet Saturday in Glasgow with my boy

Winter has well and truly arrived in Glasgow. Not the frosty mornings and sight of breath you’d expect, but so much rain and a natures carpet of leaves everywhere.

Elliott and I decided to head on out for a grand day in the rain, adventures through Kelvingrove, pictures in Glasgow University gardens and then a cheeky pint in Bag of Nails ( formally known as The Partick Tavern). The Bournemouth Vs Man Utd game with the commentary of the Rangers game, oh Glasgow.

We enjoyed ourselves and this is always the best view of Kelvingrove 👌🏼😛

New York Photography 11 – Blade Runner 2017

I always love arriving to new locations at night. The smells and sounds just seem more intense in the dark. Getting dropped off in Times Square as my first experience of New York was pretty mad. Once we fought past the argument outside the bus and were standing gazing up at the adverts on adverts it hit me that we were in New York. These bright adverts reminded me of Blade Runner style holagraphics hanging down over us as we tried to figure out where to go. Except no Harrison Ford for us, just a sassy ticket conductor with fast chat and clearly a love of the Irish. I doubt Harrison would have saved us a few bucks on out travel pass.

New York Photography 10 – Snippets of sunlight

Spent today in a dark edit in Film City working on some really fun CBeebies stuff (Can’t say what obviously). Finally got out and saw some daylight at the end of the day. Was so busy I didn’t go outside for a walk a lunch. Wish instead I could have sneaked out and sat here on the boardwalk and people watched with some ice cream. Maybe tomorrow.

New York Photography 9 – People everywhere

Just spent the day down in London, meetings meetings meetings. I never enjoy crowds, us simple country folk can’t cope. It’s perhaps not so much crowds but crowds of city people. All focused and determined, people not just out for a stroll but going somewhere forcefully. The sort of people who stare you down when you say “good morning”.

New York Photography #Expired 3

Lines for days. Standing around waiting for connections around this massive city and all its incredible boroughs. I knew it was big but it really took traveling from side to side to get a real appreciation for it and all the characters within it.

So many iconic areas but just the general life in Queens and Brooklyn was fascinating.

Reminded me of as 14-year-old buying “To the 5 Boroughs” for my sisters birthday. Never thought I would get to actually see them.

Enjoy some 240p gold below.

New York Photography #ExpiredFilm 1

As we waited for the train to leave Rockaway, Queens after an amazing day of beach, sea and food, the sun just sat perfectly. We had a full carriage to ourselves and the light was just gorgeous. I was recently looking at the photos on my phone of this occasion and I thought I must have imagined the amazing light as it looked meh on my phone. Then when I saw this photo I realized it really was stunning light. Makes me love film so much. The team at Film Rescue also supplied me with B & W copies (below).

Berlin Berlin Berlin with VSCOCAM

Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography

Finally made it to Berlin for a short break. It is such a fun city and we were there as Germany made it into the semi-finals of Euro2016 which just added a bit to the chaos that was unfolding.
Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photographyBerlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography

I do love the Brutalist architecture that is dotted around the city. Was actually expecting a lot more of it. What really surprised me was the damaged buildings from WWII that they had made into memorials or had emphasized the damage. It was a striking and gut wrenching image that really did make you remember better than any memorial.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography

The little photo booths dotted across the city called Photoautomats are amazing and one of my favorite things from our trip. Not only are they cheap, €2 a go, they are loads of fun to discover and also they give you great souvenirs. Would highly recommend hitting a few up, its nearly impossible not to. Check out this interactive map of them here

Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography gate

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography subway ubahnBerlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography sausage chips

The street food in Berlin is pretty spectacular. Loved grabbing a Currywurst and a beer for pretty much every meal. As you can see I also brought along my Canon 600 but of course on the second day the film got jammed during a rewind. Still haven’t developed these, a weekend job.

Berlin bike train VSCOCAM food canon photography strangelove

Last but not least I loved the Dr.Strangelove-esque designs inside of Berlin buildings. You just had to look up for these amazing brutal lines and harsh lighting. I say go just for this.


Glasgow Canal Adventure

Went on a 7.5 mile (12k) walk along the Glasgow canal system today to get out and enjoy the supposed last bit of Summer. It was the first time I have actually been up to the canals and was amazed at how quiet and peaceful it was up there amongst the urban sprawl of Glasgow.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

Was also very surprised to see how little the water is used up there, id expect to see a few house boats, perhaps in Glasgow Councils ongoing wisdom they don’t allow them. It is good to see that there is some use of the water up there with a wakeboarding park. However chugging down a litre of Fermanagh lake water is a bit different from some needles and a trolley in Glasgow’s canal

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I also decided to bring along with me my Canon 600 film camera to shoot a roll of film but in the end I dragged the brick of a camera all 7.5 miles and didn’t take a single photo. I did however start taking some videos on my Polaroid Cube in an ongoing plan to perhaps start a vlog for one my projects this year. Perhaps somebody should convince me against it.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

River People of Patagonia – A Photoessay by Hugh Small (1975)

In my line of work, research, I often fall into amazing things on the magical interweb. This photo essay by Hugh Small from 1975 is one of those things. The beautiful people of Patagonia mixed with such a gorgeous soft pallet of colours was a welcome delight during a hard day of fact finding. Shot on the Nikkor Calypso, an underwater camera designed by the one and only Jacques Cousteau and Nikon this thing is an absolute beauty but a bit of a beast as you can see below.

Calypso Nikkor underwater camera on Etsy. www.etsy.com/uk/listing/37724599/nikonos-1-camera-1963


Fishing companions, 1975
A settler’s cabin, Lago Vargas, 1975. This house later burned down. In 2006, the little girl was working in the supermarket at Tortel …
On the river, 1975. For days this young local man and I rowed down the river. It seemed like a ‘Huck and Tom’ adventure.
Marvellous Ektachrome! Calypso Nikkor underwater camera; manual settings with no exposure meter. Coyhaque: view from the mirador, 1975 The hillsides today are covered with what look like industrial conifer plantations.


The colours you get from film just can’t be replicated in digital and the Ektachrome film he used really is stunning. This is the sort of photo essay that makes me want to get out and shoot some more film. Planning on developing some of my 35mm film this evening from Expired Film Day 2016, fingers crossed I don’t ruin it all.

There are many more over on his website here.

First Barrys adventure of the year

Its that time of the year when I grab my jar of saved up 2p’s and head to ‘the rush’ (aka Portrush) to enjoy Barrys amusements.
I always have a go on the 2p machines and as you can see above it’s rather hard to win at Barrys.
I came home empty handed but with bags of emotional damage from the ghost ride. Over the past three years of me visiting it has not seen much love and that is beginning to show. This is mostly due to the lights being left on during the last quarter of the ride. The things I saw would keep a health and safety officer up at night.
Do not let this put you off Ireland’s largest amusements (not sure if that’s true). Let the chavs sniffing glue, the grumpy staff and smell of vomit do that instead.