January – Daily Photo


Here is the first project of the 12 for this year and what a stinker it has been. Always hard to come to realisations regarding your creativity and ability but alas this first month has been a kick in the teeth. I just had a look at the photos I took in 2013 and I certainly have not improved, tried anything really that experimental and definitely not set the world alight. Perhaps the only improvement on three years ago has been the way I share my pictures. Before I put them on flickr and my website, now they are everywhere, tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. Sure it means my stuff gets more likes but doesn’t make it any better.

1 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo


Calling it a bit too close on the very first day but it’s here. Can only get better.

This is the first daily photo for all of January, check back for more.

2 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo


These two were gossiping like nothing normal. Somebody has been getting up to mischief and both are appalled but not particularly surprised.

The second daily photo of 2016 and it’s rather frustrating already. Bit of a soft launch yesterday with no social sharing. Mainly because I am not liking what I am shooting at the moment. It’s difficult coming to the realisation that you aren’t a very good photographer and that the rest of this month will be either a difficult slog or maybe I will turn a corner and get some creativity from somewhere.

3 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo

This year so far has been all about my teeth. Impacted molars means starting the New Year on some tasty antibiotics and a hope that I won’t get these yanked out.

On the daily photo side I feel I’ve turned a corner, I need to be less focused on getting some awesome photo I will never achieve and instead just embrace whatever.

4 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo

All hail Scotland the neon. Always love a wee dander around Glasgow’s streets and perfectly tucked away is the GOMA. Home to an amazing modern art collection as well as a great library underneath.

“We Love Real Life Scotland” by Ross Sinclair currently adorned the outside of the building. Giving the Duke of Wellington a bright backdrop and catching the eye of pretty much every passer by.

5 / Jan 2016 Dailyphoto

Glasgow and its eternal desire for more student housing. When will it end? It now makes up most of the skyline in the West End and seemingly all the new housing in the area. Still we have the Kelvin here flowing on past, it won’t become student housing, will it?

6 / Jan 2016 Daily Photo

This wee fella and I had a fun morning at the vets. He hates it after they took some stuff from him a few years ago and he ain’t forgiving them till he gets it all back. Not sure he will ever get over it but they do make him better when he is ill.

7 / Jan 2016 Dailyphoto

I love these lights that have appeared below scaffolding on my commute to work. They are so industrial and brutal but their bird cage like structure and bright yellow always brightens my walk. I can only imagine the workers and builders had me in mind when they put them in.

8 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Like a scene from True Detective, first series obviously, this sits out amongst the frost. The local pigeons have clearly committed a ritual bird seeding. One can only imagine the carnage that created this but on my way home, it had mysteriously disappeared. Another mystery that will go unsolved.

Now eight days into this first project of twelve and I am already trying to sort out the next few. Some in the pipeline but if you want to get involved then get in touch.

9 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset
It is pure Baltic out but inception street always warms my cockles. Situated in Partick, Glasgow Gardner street as some people call it is a treat for the eyes. Some say it reminds them of San Francisco but in reality San Fran is just a homage to Gardner street. As we all know “San Francisco” is Spanish for “Steep Glasgow street that’s pure mental to get up in the snow and ice”

10 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Late post today due to this amazing archive of photos I have inherited. I have been wading through hundreds of them this evening. Finding beautiful images on one side and then incredible stories on the other. I love the back of old photos, the meta data of its day. Some helpful tags of people, location added and time stamp all in hard to read writing.

This particular double exposure and subsequent damage looks like the poster from The Lobster. I am looking forward to delving into a few thousand slides and negatives this year. From the 40’s to the 90’s my grandad seemed to take pictures everywhere across Africa and Europe. I look forward to sharing some of them with you all later this year.

11 / Jan 2016 Daily photo


Ever have yourself one of those nights where you go out and take hundreds of photos and not one works, you get to chat to security guards at ten at night and nearly lose an eye in a forest? I had one of them nights and that was after having a long day where David Bowie died.

I wanted to make some reference to Ziggy with some long exposure, try explaining that to a security guard in high viz. The beauty of the Glasgow cloud prevented this and after multiple failed attempted to get a shot I like this above is the very last photo from nearly two hours of trying.

I feel picking the final photo somehow justifies every photo that went before it leading up to this point. It’s not great and it has given me a kick up the butt. I need to go out at lunch and get some decent light and take some interesting photos. Note taken.

12 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Spent a short but painful amount of time in a dentists chair today but the lovely colours of a Glasgow close cheered me up on my way there.

I love the way the way the colours all change in the rain and each sandstone wall tells its own story. The tiles are just another magical world altogether.

13 / Jan 2016 Daily photo


Finally a decent sunrise to welcome me during my coffee brew ritual. I love our wee flat and the way light hits it but a grey and miserable Glasgow has been bathing it in darkness for a few months now. Perhaps we are finally turning a corner on the weather front just as the snow hits the mountains.

14 / Jan 2016 Daily photo


I have a novelty pipe I take out a couple of times a year to make me feel like an old timey person. It also enables me to take photos like this and the taking down of christmas lights on the balcony enables this photo below.



I need to get myself taking some daytime photographs. It’s going to be long month if the rest of these are just long exposures. Tomorrow is nearly half way, huzzah.


15 / Jan 2016 Daily photo


“You’ll never get likes for a picture of a rope”


16 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

girl, snow, portrait

Not just today’s snow buddy but a life long buddy. She’s a super wife and an all round gorgeous and lovely lady. She puts up with me so she must be something very special indeed. Here is us having some fun in the snow today.

17 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

snow tyres

The post snow slush has arrived but the clouds are trying their best. Another late last minute photo and a rather pain to get out and take some. Well over half way at least and hopefully I can up my game a bit during the last jaunt of the first project of the year.

18 / Jan 2016 Daily photo


 By all accounts today was a stinker. Head is suitably sore, nose is bunged up, feet got wet and cold then to round it off my planned picture has had a major software failure so alas here you go. A quick snap of reflections and feet while we waited and waited.

19 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

After a few days now of hair pulling software imploding on me I have managed to get some screen grab quality images. This is some 35mm film I shot down in Sligo with family a few years ago but had never looked at. It’s amazing to see these and cannot wait to get proper quality scans. I think this has certainly rekindled my love of film. A very slippery slope.

20 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Nothing makes me curious like a single barrier, on its own and randomly in a car park. It wasn’t here this morning.

What is it hiding and where is its friends? or are they technically twins? It’s very suspicious. Who even put it there and why?

21 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Bridges in Glasgow, they are made from light waves, the Darkside and the single tear of a ship builder. They speed up my journey home but the wind over them chills to the bone.

A lovely mix of illness and being flat in work is taking its toll on this project. Tomorrow is a new day and a garunteed lunch time photo.

22 / Jan 2016 Daily photo


I know you are all wishing and hoping on a nice day light filled photo that I promised. I did head out at lunch, but alas I was more caught up with the tasty goodness of Old Salty’s on Argyle Street, don’t tell my mum.

I instead have a wonderfully ISO filled, Bokehtastic and fence filled photo for you. It’s the weekend and one week left of photos, lets do this.

23 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

A wonderful stomach bug has dogged my week and finally beat me today.

Thankfully I had Cat Stevens to cheer me up, grew up on him during long car journeys, short car journeys and well any journeys. Loved his soundtrack to Harold and Maud. If you haven’t given it a watch I would advise it for the soundtrack and dark comedy that would put the Coen brothers to shame alone.

24 / Jan 2016 Daily photo


One of my favourite places in Glasgow by far. A world famous museum with some of the best art in the world, a duck pond you could swim in and a bandstand that Ben Folds would has play(ed) at. I love taking a dander around it to see some amazing dogs, witness the seasons change and have a wee break from Glasgow’s west end in Glasgow’s west end.

25 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Finally get myself out of the office for a break from the screen. Of course it decides to bucket it down and completely soak me. Thankfully I had the “smartie tube” as NOBODY calls it to give me some brief relief from the Glasgow drizzle.

 Took this one on my wee Polaroid Cube+. It’s a great wee action camera and giving me a lot of fun. Expect me to be doing a bit more filming, timelapses and photography using it.

One of the best bits about it is the fact you can’t see what you are taking. It’s like film all over again. I took snaps all day today and then just had a look there now, some fun results and some disasters. All part of the fun and mystery. You can of course use your phone and wifi to look but that takes all the fun out of it.

26 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Now if you want to see strange unexplainable sights that would shock even Stanley then the LIDL in Maryhill just before closing is the place for you. So many curiosities and special offers, all with the added bonus of one till open. I of course witnessed that magical of all LIDL moments when a second till was opened, perhaps something for the CV or a shanty to regale in future times.

27 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

I managed to get soaked about three times today as Glasgow’s skies continue to melt. It’s getting pretty ridiculous looking out the window at any given time of the day and seeing torrential rain pummelling everything below it.

Bring back the snow I say or sort yourself out clouds and do as requested and go to Spain.

28 / Jan 2016 Daily photo


It has been a long time since I got my Kodak Duaflex out but it was a delight to have a play with it today. Nearly froze my fingers off but it was worth it for this fun contrast of colours, styles and era’s of Glasgow.

The red in the background is from the Waverley, the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world and the metal structure mirrored  in the Duaflex is of the Glasgow Science tower which is the tallest 360 degree rotating freestanding structure in the world.

29 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

I guess it’s the willing model that makes self portraits an easy out for this so apologies if you’re tired of seeing these. Only two days to go so I am sure you will cope.

Still hiding behind a camera and always not so clear. I shall look forward to putting these 31 photos together and writing a conclusion to the project. January seems to have lasted so long.

30 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

light painting
I’ve been using these 30 days so far to try and experiment a bit but the forced creativity isn’t currently having the desired effect. Perhaps I should stick to photography theory.

Tomorrow is the last day so will make some form of big effort to take a decent photo and a small conclusion to my first project of twelve.

31 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

So that’s the end of the first monthly project of 2016. A sort of experiment in forced creativity.

This first one done and like this lady I am off elsewhere. Need a departure from photography but no doubt I will be back. Will do a conclusion with the full month of photos on a January page on the blog.

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