June – Berlin by Bike

Decided to use my Polaroid Cube+ while away in Berlin to do some quick time lapses. I ended up sticking it on the front of my bike during a bike tour thanks to the awesome magnet that is on the bottom of it. It is a great camera and I am really enjoying not only its ease of use but the creativity it allows. It films in up to 1440p but I used 1080p for this instead.


The music is by the incredible Lasers РBerlin who I have used a few times for videos and are well worth a listen to.

I also brought with me my canon 600. Loving the full frame with my prime lenses, making me want a digital upgrade pronto. I also had the joys of film with my film getting stuck half way during a rewind. Meant only one roll was shot but here’s hoping it was a good un. Will need to do some darkroom magic to get that all sorted.


In may come as no surprise that this was another last minute rushed project. I am in the middle of changing jobs and have been busy and am only going to get busier. The next few months will prove very interesting to see what I can create.

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