It all starts here i guess…im not gona fill you in with every detail as that would take ages and it makes for a great story but on Monday 7th when Jeremy phoned me and asked me to meet him at the FIDA HQ, we went there and decided we would head off to Lira and work for them for a week then we had a week off then i would come back to kampala and they would go back to lira for another week of work. As with all gewd stories and travels this one starts with a picture of me outside the GOSS, we know some people who know some people so decided it would be fun to head to Sudan….the journey begins

This is the lovely GOSS visa

On the way to Lira

Great music supplied by owino market

We stayed in soroti for one night, this is the FIDA HQ there.

A funny sign and something about frogs and mouse….ooooh

This is a school where about 8000 kids attended,FIDA has built a kitchen to feed them. Unicef turned up here during the floods and left a tent then went away wooo thats there name in the news for looking after everyone

These are mass graves at the camp from the LRA and Karamajong

Roddy and i in a mud hut classroom with some FIDA representatives

The motorway and kids

Bringing style to LIRA

Lira’s penetostal church with a white preacher from leeds….what are the chances

Trucks go faster on there sides they insisted

Karuma falls

Lira Market

In one of the various meetings

West side of Lira

Cheeky Babboon

Gulu dawn start

Arua….Off to Sudan my gewd man

The waiting game

The bus to Yei

Been there bought the tshirt

YEAH in Yei

Kings College Yei

Beautiful views from Yei to Arua

We stayed in Pakwach….we aint racist they called it that

Up before dawn to watch the sunrise over the nile and murchison


And here endith my journey…you should try and see Sudan brilliant place and super safe i hear
Love to all and to all gewd day

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