March – The Grams Project

This is a rather geeky creepy interesting project for my March Project. Born out of my dissertation on Irish photography and an interest in photography markers I managed to create a social media monster.

This project consists of a mash up of geo-location data, Instagram pictures and the below Twitter accounts. Following these accounts comes with a warning that these accounts tweet hundreds of photos a day at roughly 15 minute intervals. Following these are for nobody the hardcore few. I suggest perhaps instead to dip into the accounts or to add them to a list. Nevertheless I have amassed a few hundred followers across the accounts.

How it works is I have set up geo-location triggers across Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, Dublin and London. This means that when somebody posts an Instagram picture geo-located within my set perimeter it will set off a trigger. The twitter account will then post a tweet with their Instagram username (but with the addition of .@ which relies on them having the same Instagram and Twitter username to be useful), the caption they wrote on the Instagram post, the Instagram picture embedded into Twitter and a link back to their Instagram post.

My own geo-located Instagram post in Amsterdam


This was initially an interesting look at the concept of “Online Markers” in photography, how the tags, copy we put with and the groups we add a picture to can define it. It quickly grew legs and became something very different. It throws up questions from Marshall McLuhan’s “The Medium is the message” to questions over privacy and appreciating the copyright infringing share what I want style of other accounts across social internet. I plan to take a serious look at all this and more once the project has run its course. Here is a quick snap shot of some of the reactions to the Grams Project on twitter.

If like the above people you want to take part you can, all you need is to be in one of the cities and have an Instagram account. When posting a picture on Instagram allow your location to be shared and it should be picked up by whatever city account you are in.

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