November – TheSwap

I decided to take inspiration from a project I came across a few years ago, The Swap. A fascinating and simple photography project where two photographers take each other’s portraits curated by Stuart Pilkington. As shown below it beautifully captures two photographers styles, giving an insight into each other’s worlds.

I decided to collaborate with my friend Claire Quigley. She does beautiful double exposures and weird but wonderful photography projects. I was curious to see what she would come up with but also how it would feel to have my portrait taken having never done it before. It felt as awkward as I can imagine it feels for others, but Claire chatted away and by the end, I felt reasonably ok in Glasgow’s baltic November winds.

The Swap

So here it is. Claire and I.

I took a number of photos at Festival park and was pleased with a wide range of them. My penchant for abstract and horribly out of focus photos made an unhelpful arrival. Perhaps it should stay put for a while.


About my photo choice

The photo I went with had this amazing weather-beaten table and cigarette butts stacked up as thought some Private Eye had been there all of last night. But this girl doesn’t smoke she codes. For such a kind person I felt that an edgy and some may say “back of a Belle & Sebastien album” portrait would be perfect. But alas this juxtaposition instead only reiterates the hidden talents behind this wonderful lady. It was great fun taking her portrait and here is hoping we can collaborate again in 2017.


From the pen of Claire Quigley

Spending lunchtime tramping round Pacific Quay and the desolate playground of festival park taking photos of Guy seemed like an excellent idea. And I never turn down the opportunity of a captive photo subject- even if the payback was having to be photographed myself…


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