April – Label design competition

We have a winner! The ever wonderful @drewnotweird has won this competition with his below design. A whimsical parody, simple and to the point, the judges also liked “the fact it was the only entry”.

The very happy Drew, before he tasted the Brett Bomb. He wasn’t a fan as it’s a lip puckering trip to next week and back.

Brief for this competition below for archive reference only

Bit late on the April Project but suck it up pals.

As a big fan of homebrewing I have nearly always got something going. This month I am bottling up my Brett Bomb (pic below). A nice simple Marris Otter and Glasgow hops SMaSH (Single malt and single hop ale) which has been wrestling with Brett since September 2018. This is an insane sour bomb with a Glasgow angle.

What I need now is a label to go with the 6 bottles I have. If you fancy taking part check out the brief below and submit your design to beer@guyphenix.com

Drew won last time I did this and received Stout A and Stout B with his design below

Brett Bomb Design brief


  • Needs to have “BB” or “Brett Bomb” featured somewhere on the label (tiny and in the corner or the whole design, up to you)
  • Anything goes design wise
  • Can be digital illustration, picture or oil painting, anything.
  • Maximum size of 3.5 inches high x 4 inches wide
  • No minimum size, let’s see those 1 pixel designs.
  • Make one design that goes on all or make six different designs, up to you.
  • Deadline is 31st May 2019 5pm
  • Any questions leave a comment.


  • You will receive 2 bottles of completely unique beer
  • I will label up all of them and meet up with you to have a taste


  • You shall feature on here.

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