January – This Is Jot

For January I hosted an event as part of Jot, about getting to the point.

What is Jot?

“Jot is a community of people who write. We come together to discuss, learn and share through regular meetups, workshops and events.”



What did I do?

As the prime example of the fact anyone can do a Jot it took a lot to figure out.

A. What am I going to talk about?

B. Why does anyone want to hear me talk about anything?

With the aid of Gifs I managed to come up with a plan of getting to the point. How I condense pitches down to often a few lines and techniques I use on the daily.

The sum up

  • Get to the point.
  • Recipes, not stories.
  • Be concise and focused (but not rude).
  • Sentences under 25 words.
  • Print out and mark it.
  • Read out loud.
  • Alien$.

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