#28tomake Day 17 : Playing with Tangrams

Another very weird one from creativelive. Not enjoying these as much this week but it’s all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. I however have nada to offer this and no creative outlet beyond this.

I fear that if I was getting graded on these I would be asked to have a chat. I just don’t get the creative freedom from “Playing with Tangrams”. Very much not my thing on a good day let alone working from bed day.

#28tomake Day 15: Mind mad

Today’s thing is drawing a mind map. This is something I hate doing. Ironically enough it is the forced visualisation of your ideas that I hate. My ideas are so much better in my head than anything I could ever write or draw so why take them out of my head before they are happening?

Here is my one, it’s looking at the ideas for my 12 monthly projects for 2016.