My #ExpiredFilmDay prize

I was very kindly awarded the prize for best selfie for Expired Film Day 2017. for my self portrait taken in Val Thorens after travelling from Scotland-England-Switzerland-France during the 15th March. Below is my last photo from the day as I passed out in a tiny chalet bed.

Prize: Three (3) rolls of unusual expired 35mm Kodak film, including Film Rescue full-service processing.

Criteria: Best photo that could be captioned, “Hey creep, it’s not a selfie — it’s a self portrait!

Winner: Guy PhenixExpired me

Comment: Hallelujah! Like a modern day Shroud of Turin. No need to carbon date — obviously expired! — Greg @ FRI

If you don’t know what Expired Film Day is, it’s a day to really celebrate the randomness and beauty of analogue film in its expired state. Every year across the world people take photos on March 15th using expired film. Polaroid film, 35mm, one month out of date or even decades. They then all submit them in for a competition and prizes.

So with my three rolls of prize film I decided I would take them on an adventure with me. So I took them along with me to New York for a few days.

The amazing team from Film Rescue International have now returned my negatives and high resolution scans.

There are some amazingly colours, bleeds and weird exposures. I love so many of them and so I will be posting one photo everyday of October, to begin with.

Keep an eye out on the blog and Instagram for the photos.


August – Analogue Snapchat or a representation of the Edinburgh Festivals in 35mm film

For my August project I was very much struggling for ideas. I could point you in the direction of BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals and suggest you gaze upon it as my art project. But alas that would be far too easy. I instead managed to find inspiration amongst the mess that is Edinburgh during August. I stumbled upon Stills and came across a large collection of Jo Spence’s work. I’m not a big fan but the self-portraits examining inner turmoils got me thinking.

I decided to convey my weird sense of humour, critical thoughts and general harshness through some sort of analogue Snapchat story using a Kodak Duaflex based around tourist attractions in Edinburgh. I know what you are thinking, this has been done a million times how will you make it different, new and exciting? Well I am using film from Jessops that is 14 years over its expired date in a camera that is far older than myself. Is what I would say.

Edinburgh, Jessops finest 14 years expired 35mm and this. #vscocam #35mm #film #photography @kodak_photo

A photo posted by Guy Phenix (@guyphenix) on

The plan was to take a series of classic tourist photos around Edinburgh but with a miserable twist. Me being the miserable twist. Then scan them and take pictures on my phone on Snapchat thus creating a weird delayed analogue launch of a story. A way of critiquing tourist photography in Edinburgh while also looking at the fake and instant world of Snapchat and what that brings to tourist photography as a whole.

Well for some unknown reason, which perhaps no great mind shall ever solve, the film has turned out terrible. You can hardly see a thing and the weird colours and blends would fit neatly at home with the best of Expired Film Day.

Maybe it was the Jessops film. Maybe those extra 14 years had an effect. Perhaps just the fact that I was using a camera that ,at the very least , is over 60 years old. Here in all the wonder that they show are some of the photos with no interesting theory or critical thought as I am way past that. When will I learn not to use this camera.

Perhaps this horrible collection of tourist photographs from Edinburgh do say a lot about August in Edinburgh. It’s confusing, you’re not sure what you are looking at but it seems familiar. Some of it is interesting and worth a second or even third look whereas others can be skipped, perhaps even never looked at and instead should be deleted. Some of it is dark, a lot of it far too dark but there is plenty of it and it’s relentless. With the crazy colour, noise and grain.

That’s it perhaps this project is instead a representation of the Edinburgh Festivals in all their misery, heartache, financial ruin and confusion. Makes for a more sensible title that Analogue Snapchat anyway.

As I feel suitably bad for such a miserable project this month I have some pictures from Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin for you. My joy with 35mm film continues as I only got half a roll out of this before my film jammed in my Canon 600.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 22.52.19

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 22.52.33

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 22.52.56

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 22.53.12

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 22.53.29

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 22.53.42

Top 5 Posts of 2015

Welcome to a review of the top 5 posts from this years blog. A rather unsuccessful year in general with a disappointing lack of goals achieved, I shall review this sooner to the New Year. Below are the posts that had the most views across the year. Mostly all photography from day trips with a treat of a surprise coming in at Number 1.

5. Day tripping at Blair Drummond


A few photographs from a fun day out at the wonderful Blair Drummond Safari park. Well worth a visit if you are looking for a day out in Sunny Scotland.

4. The top of Fermanagh & the Great Wall of Cuilcagh


This mountain, Cuilcagh has been a landscape to my childhood. This year they put a walk way all the way up its 666 metres. Here are some photographs from it. This post was helped by the lovely Freckle giving it a share on twitter, they plan on heading west soon to experience it.

3. Curved ridge on Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe


More climbing but this time a Scotish adventure up the Curved Ridge and another Munro ticked off.

2. Daily Photo – 13 – Depth


As part of my Daily Photo series where I posted a random picture from my 40,000 odd pictures I was archiving. This is from St. Peters Seminary which is about to become a wonderful feature of Architecture 2016.

Hinterland from NVA on Vimeo.

1. Nothing but praise for Shia LaBeouf


Last but not least it’s Shia. What a year he has and what a total hero. This was a blog recapping my favorite things about him. Shall be adding to this in 2016 no doubt! Even Stevens 2? YES PLEASE!