My cat wants to do some acting so he asked for some head shots for Christmas

He can’t act and he has one character he plays, literally could be in countless Hollywood roles. Also thinks the cat in Inside llewyn Davis was average at best and would be willing to play the role in the inevitable sequel, Outside llewyn Davis. If anyone knows the Coen Brothers he suggests you pass this link onto them for their consideration, can do accents, is a cat.

New York Photography 9 – People everywhere

Just spent the day down in London, meetings meetings meetings. I never enjoy crowds, us simple country folk can’t cope. It’s perhaps not so much crowds but crowds of city people. All focused and determined, people not just out for a stroll but going somewhere forcefully. The sort of people who stare you down when you say “good morning”.

My #ExpiredFilmDay prize

I was very kindly awarded the prize for best selfie for Expired Film Day 2017. for my self portrait taken in Val Thorens after travelling from Scotland-England-Switzerland-France during the 15th March. Below is my last photo from the day as I passed out in a tiny chalet bed.

Prize: Three (3) rolls of unusual expired 35mm Kodak film, including Film Rescue full-service processing.

Criteria: Best photo that could be captioned, “Hey creep, it’s not a selfie — it’s a self portrait!

Winner: Guy PhenixExpired me

Comment: Hallelujah! Like a modern day Shroud of Turin. No need to carbon date — obviously expired! — Greg @ FRI

If you don’t know what Expired Film Day is, it’s a day to really celebrate the randomness and beauty of analogue film in its expired state. Every year across the world people take photos on March 15th using expired film. Polaroid film, 35mm, one month out of date or even decades. They then all submit them in for a competition and prizes.

So with my three rolls of prize film I decided I would take them on an adventure with me. So I took them along with me to New York for a few days.

The amazing team from Film Rescue International have now returned my negatives and high resolution scans.

There are some amazingly colours, bleeds and weird exposures. I love so many of them and so I will be posting one photo everyday of October, to begin with.

Keep an eye out on the blog and Instagram for the photos.


19 / Jan dailyphoto – Sligo on film

After a few days now of hair pulling software imploding on me I have managed to get some screen grab quality images. This is some 35mm film I shot down in Sligo with family a few years ago but had never looked at. It’s amazing to see these and cannot wait to get proper quality scans. I think this has certainly rekindled my love of film. A very slippery slope.

That time The X-Files & Twin Peaks merged


You would easily be forgiven for thinking the above still is from the intro to early 90’s Lynch murder mystery Twin Peaks, trailer shown below. It is actually from Season 1 of The X-Files.

In the 19th episode of the first series, “Shapes” Mulder and Scully find themselves in an Indian reserve. Of course our main man Mulder appears in Twin Peaks as Denise Bryson the DEA agent. However past this there is even deeper Twin Peaks X-Files cross over.


Who happens to appear as the local officer in this season 1 episode of X-Files, none other than Deputy Hawk from Twin Peaks.xfiles_twinpeaks2
This 90’s classic tv mash up between X-Files and Twin Peaks is a joy to behold. I can only imagine the sort of world Lynch could have created had he been let lose with X-Files.

Even the palette of colours used seem to match. Perhaps early 90’s directors of photography all stuck to the same browns and greys but it sure as hell looks great.

Even the selective lighting in this episode is gorgeously crafted. This also fits into the twin peaks x-files cross over. 

I think the new series of X-Files has a lot to live up to never mind the new Twin Peaks. I would love to imagine another cross over episode in the two new series. Would sure help Lynch to explain 90% of that second series.

What are you more excited to see, new series of X-Files or Twin Peaks?


Knight Of Cups – Featurette

Knight Of Cups Knight Of Cups

Beautiful pale palletes are to Malick what plotless explosions are to Michael Bay. You shouldn’t however just expect some gorgeous colours and some whispery voice overs, you can instead garuntee them. I for one am not complaining, give me a predictable plot line with some whimsically put together lines. It’s perfect as long as it keeps looking as amazing as this. Keep it up Mr Malick and I will keep watching.

The top of Fermanagh & the Great Wall of Cuilcagh


While I was back in greener and wetter pastures I managed to take a gaunt up to the highest point in all of Fermanagh and Cavan. Recently it has become even easier to make the 666metres(665m in some books) to the top with the building of a wooden walkway and stairs up the Fermanagh side of Cuilcagh. It even got itself a wee article in the impartial reporter, not that I am jealous.

IMG_8217.JPG IMG_8219.JPG


It’s a rather impressive structure and it made the walk a lot easier and a whole lot of a drier experience than I remembered. It shall be interesting to see what state a Fermanagh winter leaves it in. It does come to an abrupt end at the top and leaves the adventurer amongst the insane moon scape that is on the top of Cuilcagh. A flat barren top with no real features or points.



The limestone pavement, mixed with textures and shapes makes for an impressive location. It really got me thinking about Fermanagh and the abundance of gorgeous scenery and locations. This strange scenery is even used in Game of Thrones season 3 for Beric Dondarrion’s hideout. Which was filmed just down the road at Belmore Forest.

IMG_8218.JPG IMG_8394.JPGIMG_8393.JPG




How to make a short film that gets into festivals in 60 minutes and for free

I am a big fan of the quick production. Not that there is a problem with the Mallickesque pre-production style across a few decades. The Tree of Life took time, but boy was it worth it.

However I have found focusing my creativity quickly can bring great results. One of my most popular short films (Screened across the UK and Europe) to date was made within 60 minutes, Nuclear Mysticism.

  1. 0 minutes on pre-production
  2. 30 minutes of script-less filming
  3. 2 minutes of a one take V/O
  4. 20 minutes of editing
  5. 3 minutes finding the wonderful copyright free “Dali” font for the title.
  6. 5 minutes to grade
  7. 60 minutes total

This short film went to on to be nominated for a variety of festivals across the UK and Europe. Receiving thousands of views and even got me paid work.

Top three tips for submitting to film festivals




After successfully getting a few short films into festivals across the world I thought I would give a quick top three of things to think about when submitting.

1) Budget for submissions
With fees of £15 to £30 for entry, DVDs and postage costs it quickly adds up. Prepare for this in your budget and take into account the cheap early bird fees compared to late deadlines.

It is a total bore but being organised and planning ahead can save you a lot of money and give your film its best chance of selection. I finished up Dragoon in September and meant I could get a lot of the early bird submission deadlines for festivals I really wanted to get into. This is also something that helps when Festivals will only accept if it is a premiere at their festival.


This site will save you a fortune. A wonderful resource to enable you to get your film out to the world for free. Most of the films listed are online submissions too so not even postal costs.



A Little added bonus. Check out  to make your own Film Festival Laurel Leaves.