New York Photography 14 – Beer and Brewing

Spent this morning bottling my Single malt and single hop ale (SMaSH) that used my Glasgow grown hops and Vienna pale malt. It is, of course, going to be called “Glasg-oh Vienna”. I also started some Turbo cider that I plan on putting Brett into and also a weird Cherryade/Cherry wine from Lowicz fruit syrup from Lidl. Going to be a very festive Christmas.

Hop growing in Glasgow 

My two year old dwarf First Gold hop plant finally has produced some crop.

Hop growing in Glasgow isn’t the easiest but thankfully I have a small allotment. I grow a variety of veg there and also have this growing on a south-east facing fence.

I was so pleased to actually have some hops grow this year but was actually surprised to get 59.2 grams of wet hops.

I was however disappointed with the aroma I was getting off them having always used pellets in my brewing.

I plan to use the whole batch on a really simple IPA. A small one gallon batch with marris otter is on the cards this weekend. I plan on posting the recipe for this and going to call it Centurion way growers IPA.

Naturally carbonated cold brew experiment

I have been home brewing for about four years. In 2015 I plan to move to all grain and do a bit of experimenting. Having obtained about half a dozen one gallon demijohns I plan to do small brewing experiments. The first of the year is going to be a naturally carbonated cold brew.

Using the delightful dear green beans I have made up a batch. Working on the one cup of ground beans to three cups of water.

Now we play the waiting game. I will then add sugar and dry champagne to this cold brew.
After about 10 hours chilling I took the cold brew out and let it get to room temperature. I wanted to experiment with two different fermenting times so split the 500ml of cold brew into a 300 and a 200 batch.
Adding the room temperature cold brew into a brown 700ml bottle, one teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of dry champagne yeast. I then left these in a warm place for a few days.
5 days later 
I kept squeezing the bottles to check if they were carbonating and becoming pressurized over the 5 days and was getting concerned as couldn’t feel much different. After 5 days they started to get very hard so decided to open one up.
Upon pouring there was a reasonable amount of fizz but bordering on a slightly flat soda.
Stuck in some ice and gave it a sup, to be honest it wasn’t what I expected. A fizzy cold coffee is a lot of not normal. I think the other bottle with a little longer may turn our better. Its really a strange one but was surprised how well the champagne yeast worked. Its picked for its neutrality so had no effect on the coffee taste.
Will update when I open the other bottle in a few days. When I make a new batch to experiment with I think I will put some more sugar and a bit more yeast in.

One gallon mead recipe and artwork for “Mead is Murder”

So here it is in all its glory a One gallon mead recipe, I only wish I had taken the original gravity and could say what the ABV is. I followed this recipe below for a 1 gallon batch of traditional mead.


1 Gallon demijohn
1 Airlock
1 Bung
Some sterilization

One gallon mead recipe

1.5kg Honey
1 Large orange
1 handful of raisins
2 sticks of cinnamon
2 cloves
1 pinch of nutmeg
Half a pack of wine yeast
Balance water to one gallon

How to

Put all this in and shake it about. Put it in a dark warmish place. Check on it in a few months.



After a quick wax of the mustache and a turn up of my chinos I went for a pastiche of the classic Smiths album Meat is Murder. Shall be labeling up and forcing upon people over the festive period. This stuff is rough as a badgers ticks back.

Growing hops in a Glasgow flat for home brewing

It’s pretty mad right?
I love homebrewing and since I’ve been doing it for 4 years now you start to experiment more with brews. One of these ways is by using hops.
Hops are currently soaring in price and the craze for craft beer may lead to a hop shortage, in the USA anyway.
With my copy of 1984 well thumbed and old Mr Huxley’s words sitting beside the bed I wanted to go it alone. Break free from my hop masters and grow Glasgow hops. Well a variety of English hop in Glasgow.
Here is the little plant I received on the 12/05/201420140523-080956-29396820.jpg
Here it is 11 days later 23/05/2014
Madness! I was planning on having it on the balcony but with this rate of growth and movement I fear other options are needed. I do have a small allotment space so that looks like a sensible option. Will try and post updates and I hope to do a timelapse of the growth in the coming weeks.