Last few weeks – Traveling in Uganda.

Well sorry for a lack of blogging….
I have been very busy and i could write you one of my super long blogs giving you great detail and information, i know you would greatly enjoy that but i currently am stressing with UCAS so i am going to put a load of photos up and give you a small run down of what happened

On Tuesday 11th it was the Microcare Christmas party so they had some live acts one of them was this guy above, we called him one legged Rasta, i feel that isnt his real name.

This is me and Francis’s daughter Gabi

This is another live act, Bobi Wine, he is famous over here and has a really popular song

Me dancing with gabi

Me and roddy left the party and went up the road to the mural on the wall where i found hitler and we had a chat about why he was in Uganda

And roddy helped the economy by pushing a lorry through customs.
During this night Roddy and i decided to go with the rest of Project Trust to the sese islands for a wee bit of a break.

The large boats transporting wood.

Us all getting onto the ferry

An old sally rat dog in the sese islands

Hitchhiking a lift in a pick up i took this photo of the bay infront of our hotel

This is the main village and jeff

We went to the local pool shack for a few games

We went for lunch and walked into the forest a little where we saw lots of monkeys

Jeff and roddy on the pier, we were meant to be fishing but the fella turned up an hour late with no rods.

We sat on the pier with beers and watched the sunset instead

Rather Beautiful as we watched the fishermen in their dugouts come in

Roddy climbed out to pose


Moi,Jeffery and abe

Roddy and I came home on the Friday morning and got the 7am ferry at about 9am.
We came home on friday because we were invited to the Irish Ambassadors Party. We of course dressed for the occasion in Smart Casual, Jackets but no ties….we looked quite the part and fitted in rather well even though i do say so myself. It also happened to have a Samuel Beckett exibition because of anniversary etc etc so was rather intersting. As the night wore on it turned into a bit of Kareokee with many randomers going forward….during a lule in the singing me and roddy were pushed to the front and shouts of go on westlife insued so as to not let down our begging crowd we sang a hidden gem in the wild rover…(the scottish version of course due to roderick)…we got many compliments and we may be booked for a wedding in the near future

me reading the irish times in the Irish Embassy with Beckett exibition

We went to the Sheraton Hotel and ended up going to look at the Gym. Its rather nice.

We went to Spurs for Dinner which was delightfull steak….mother will be so proud of my manners in this one but it is fast food so it is ok 😀

Hope that is informative enough



As i am sure you have all being hearing about CHOGM in the news and how much Gordan Brown and queenie enjoyed their tax payers money spend. Well now that the dust has been allowed to settle (literally due to the countless road sweepers out on their hands and knees every morning)
we see quite a more PreCHOGM Uganda as i now have electricity rarely and have no water thank you musevini.
Well the main point of this entry is to shed some light upon the lovely Ebola virus that if you do not know already is where you bleed out of every oraphis in your body and there is no cure and your 80% likely to die, well this lovely virus has just arrived in Uganda just right after CHOGM you say with a swipe of the brow and a sigh of relief as queenie is ok and can do that thing she does with the corgi’s and Gordan can get back to the british public who need him so much oh no wait let me just see has Ebola not been killing hundred in the DRC for about five months now….hmmm and people have been dieing on the boarder areas of Uganda such as Bundibugyo now let me think would an out break of Ebola in Uganda just before CHOGM mean that a lot of CHOGM people would not come to Uganda? Would it indeed be better for Uganda to cover up this Ebola outbreak and keep it under the carpet as it spreads slowly in a CHOGMtastic Uganda. I feel a great sense of suspicion.
Well its about time now that you did get worried because there are now suspected outbreaks in Kampala, when i they say suspected they mean people are dieing of Ebola in Kampala but we do not want to freak people out, i am going to be on red alert i feel i should probably stay in bed all of this week.
This weekend as you may recall i was going to be going to Fort Portal and Kasese which now both are on high alert as they have large populations and Ebola is broken out all around them, for some reason i have decided i am washing my hair this weekend so that trip is off!!
Be safe in the knowledge that its nowhere near you 😀
Have a fun flu filled winter

Jinja trip

Uganda, Jinja, Gap, Year, Blog, Africa, Gandhi, nile, rafting, Kampala,This is me and Rashed at Gandhi’s monument
This is me at the source of the nile(titanic style)
The stadium(they show premiership games on the big screen inside and people go to watch)
Me at falls
Tom our driver and i
The rapids
Intense moment
Anwer and I
We did look fetching in our life jackets and i took the opertunity to run baywatch style
Dust gets everywhere and in my eyes

Well on Friday as I was sitting in my office my Indian podrey Anwer pops in and says “Sunday,10:30,Jinja,?” I reply with the obvious “Yes” and that’s it sorted, my first trip to Jinja. I worked over the weekend on my film until Saturday night when suspecting a busy trip I get an early night and head to bed about 10ish. I am woken at 11:30ish and I answer my phone but it still says answer what is going on indeed! Soon I hear a small indian voice spluring out words I cant quite understand and I realise its anwer not answer, he asked me to meet him in GardenCity I declined the offer and that we were now meeting at 9.30.
I awoke at about 7.45 to my by now becoming annoying alarm on my phone. I was up and ready within 15mins leaving me a ridulous wait…I had the last of my honey loops with plenty of milk and about 3/4 of a glass of apple juice but I shant bore you with the small details.
Mytatu into town 700shs
Breakfast and drinks from shoprite 4600shs
BodaBoda to microcare 3000shs
Knowing everybody is ripping you off because your white….Priceless
Well I arrive at microcare at about 9.25 and we get ready to flow. Its just Tom, anwer and i at the moment. We head to the hotel where rashed is staying. Its some big fancy place so me and anwer stroll in and its full of indians because of aga khan or something I cant make out anwer to well at the best of times let alone when he is whispering. We head up to the buisness level the very top and its all very marble and fancy and for $75 a night its rather cheap!! He is having breakfast still so we head off to anwers apartement.
Anwer lives in a tower block pretty much in the middle of kampala. It’s a very asian area but its quite nice, we get his stuff and head back to the hotel and we pick up rashed(I may spell is a multitude of different ways due to the fact I do not have a clue how to spell it)
We head off to jinja and straight away into trafic but Tom soon gets us around it and were off, the road there is fine and rather smooth with just a few strange holes and when I say holes I mean pits, like 10X10metre holes just waiting for the queen but that’s a different story. We make our way through the dust and the first thing of interest has to be the national stadium its massive and totally out of nowhere
We soon arrive at Bujagali Falls(click on the name to see pics) and it is very impressive, the amount of water gushing through is immense and you can see how it gets to the med from there. We took a boat ride around the different falls and saw a lot of birds and village people. It was all very pleasant compared to the rampaging waters all around. We got back and watched this strange one legged man dance up a pole….indeed
We then headed into Jinja town for some lunch. After filling up we headed to the source of the nile river. It is above the rapids. We took few photos there and then took a boat trip across to the Kingfisher Click here if your interested in seeing it.
We stayed there for a while swimming and relaxing with about 100 indians so about one family, they have just completely taken the whole hotel over there was only two people not including me who wernt indian, very strange.
We headed back to the source on our boat and saw a massive monitor lizard sun bathing. When we got back we saw Gandhi’s statue and plaque as some of his ashes were scaterd at the source of the nile due to him liking water I think.
We soon left and were on our way home, we hit the kampala traffic 20km away from kampala!! That’s how bad it is here, everybody goes home to their villages at the weekend and then all want to get back in for work on Monday. Luckily for us Tom had a special thing called no patience which means he just overtook the traffic and we got to kampala pretty quckly. We saw a number of intersting factories such as the Nile special brewery which creates one of the many disgusting beers that Ugandans like to get drunk on. We were dropping off rashid and there was a very nice white range rover but no cigar as it wasn’t a sport then I got a lot of shouting and swining of hands from anwer as he said something about Aga Khan which as far as im aware muslims don’t really like so we meeped the horn a lot of him to move and he did after a while and so we drove after them under instructions from anwer, im doubt it immensly that it was the actual aga khan but had something to do with it anyway. I then was left home and that was the height of my excitement for that day.>>