Music Mondays : Sheep, Dog & Wolf – Glare / The Sun Hates me BTS


Another in a very sporadic blog category, Music Mondays returns to your screen. This Monday is New Zealander Daniel McBride, Sheep, Dog & Wolf. Ever since having the below video featured on Vimeo staff picks I have been giving his 2013 album Egospect a on repeat listen. His music mixes somewhere between Bon Iver and Gizzly bear (Yellow House) McBride while even manages to draw a Gaurdian quote as a “Young Sufjan Stevens”. This one man band manages to make some gorgeous harmonies, mixed with some spacey lyrics and a slight touch of homemade, the instrumental feel is perfect in work music for a disappointingly grey Monday in Glasgow.

Check out the video below and then watch the behind the scenes. A rather epic video for a very simple but perfectly formed song.

Sheep, Dog & Wolf – Glare from THUNDERLIPS on Vimeo.

The Sun Hates Me from Candlelit Pictures on Vimeo.

#TBT – @Notsquares @Forfey – August 2010

Every August in Northern Ireland something out west would manage to tempt the Belftiats from their caves to cross the River Bann. Being the only thing of creative interest to happen in Fermanagh since a certain Oscar was knocking about, Forfey was always on my calendar. Unfortunately this year building control decided it wasn’t to be.

Amigos, aficionados, artistes. It is with a heavy heart that we at Team F tell you that our beloved festival will not be taking place in 2015. For the last number of months, we’ve striven to pull strings, scratch backs and otherwise lather-up the authorities, but to no avail – our venues do not pass muster with building control. We’re still engaged with local, regional and provincial officialdom to see what can be done going forward, but for now, “Anno Rex” remains our latest and greatest achievement. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last nine years. We’ve seen some unforgettable moments in the most unlikely yet intimate venues. We’ve got bruises and fond memories from year one to year nine. We hope to make many more (of both). Love, Team F.

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Here is a few Throwback Thursday photos from five years ago at a great weekend. Not Squares absolutely destroyed the place and more than one barn in Fermanagh had a hangover. Here’s looking forward to 2016, 2017, 2018…


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The sad decline of vinyl in Glasgow

Once the way of the tape, innards pulled out in a way no pencil can fix. Then it moved to the CD, dragged from its sleepy bed betwixt the ashtray and the dashboard, then hurled, scraped and bashed, left abandoned at the sides of roads. It’s only crime perhaps a skip or a jump.
Now it’s the turn of the new golden child, vinyl. Left to melt in the Glasgow sunshine, no chance it can survive.
Is there no love in this mad world anymore?


Music Mondays: The songs my sleep brain picks


I am one of those people who never remembers dreams, what I do regularly have when I wake is a song stuck in my head, no doubt a soundtrack to said not remembered dreams.
These songs are never your classic pop tunes, without fail they are terrible b sides, parodies and 80s throwbacks. Tonnes of Weird Al and a bit too much Culture Club
and Wham! for the wife’s liking.
Today’s song was Andy Warhol by David Bowie from the album Hunky Dory. Plenty of other classics on that album but alas no my brain picks the weird one. Cheers sleep Spotify brain, great work.

Papa Razzi and the Photogs – StarStruck

Enjoying a bit of comedy this weather. Ya see i am done with this university malarkey for another year so hip hop hurray.
Anyway back to this album, whats the best way to describe this….horribly catchy tunes throughout mixed with fan based stalker style lyrics.
Its pretty much what anybody interest in film has been waiting for, one of the catchiest tunes which is currently hurtling around my head is Cameron Crowe…Papa Razzi and the Photogs insist that if he makes a movie they re gonna go, to the theatre Cameron Crowe…yea go listen and it will be in your head for the next few days.
Peas out.

The Black Atlantic – Free album download

Been listening to these guys for a while now. They are a great wee acoustic pop band from the Netherlands. If your interested in finding out a bit more check out here.

What really got me hooked was their distribution model. They have their album for free, you can even torrent it for a quick download here. After downloading it for free and enjoying it I then bought their album on Vinyl. Not just because I wanted it but also to support them.