Week 1 of the @iamashley get your camera out creative kick up the butt

December is always a rather grim personal creative time, I look back on a year of very little creativity or projects and realise that when I don’t set myself forced deadlines I really do nothing. While wallowing in this I came across the below tweet from @iamashley

So with a suitable kick up the butt I started to bring my camera with me on walks and work. Below are some of the lunch time adventures and late night dog walks that I documented. I am hoping this creative kick will finish my year as I plan 2019 to begin, full of projects, creating great personal content and not wallowing in December 2019 about what I could have done. It’s not much but at least it’s something, one day I may even actually edit my photos…


8 / Jan 2016 Daily photo

Like a scene from True Detective, first series obviously, this sits out amongst the frost. The local pigeons have clearly committed a ritual bird seeding. One can only imagine the carnage that created this but on my way home, it had mysteriously disappeared. Another mystery that will go unsolved.

Now eight days into this first project of twelve and I am already trying to sort out the next few. Some in the pipeline but if you want to get involved then get in touch.

Norway: Nature Vs Architecture

oslo_ski_jumpIn my previous post about the Oslo Opera House I was so impressed with Oslo and Norway in generals architecture that I failed to even mention the stunning nature that surrounds it. I love how brave and self assured their buildings are sat among stunning back drops. In the UK we often see strong architecture among nature as an eye sore, but here they seem to embrace it if not encourage it. I loved taking walks in Oslo with their gorgeous parks and then also out into the coniferous forests that epitomize to me Scandinavian landscapes. The way they put new and old together so well sums up their way of seemingly doing everything to a high standard. This old wooden church, where a wedding was taking place, was over the road from this glass and stone ski jump. Both sticking out of the trees around them and complimenting each others shapes. I could never see this sort of harsh design being allowed in the UK without an outcry.


I however love me some contrasting architecture and Brutalism in particular. When discussing Scandinavian architecture with our host in Oslo he was shocked to hear we liked this style. He considers it boring and insists that most Norwegians feel the same way. It may have been my imported Bushmills Whiskey convincing him, but into the small hours of the morning I managed to change his mind on this. I think it gets a harsh time, but a quick look at WoWhaus’s collection of amazing brutalist houses and its hard not to fall in love. norway_path_forestoslo_bridgeoslo ski jump norway