New York Photography 17 – Back of Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn has to be my favourite part of New York. Well, it makes the top 10. Williamsburg, for the few hours we were there felt a bit plastic, but the Brooklyn Brewery was a highlight. We did have to queue to get in to the queue, you wouldn’t get that at Bushmills. Just saying. But the tour was worth it (free on Saturday and Sundays) and I managed to drink some small batch tastiness. 

New York Photography 16 – #Ophelia

Expired Film trippy

Here is a photo from the New York subway (I think). Somehow the northern lights have managed to make an appearance.

Today’s sky has been a weird one. Auld Ophelia has made for some mad yellow and red skies right across the UK, and some horrible scenes over in Ireland. In Scotland it is a windy old night too, get tucked up and get some comedy on.

My Current comedy of choice