New York Photography 10 – Snippets of sunlight

Spent today in a dark edit in Film City working on some really fun CBeebies stuff (Can’t say what obviously). Finally got out and saw some daylight at the end of the day. Was so busy I didn’t go outside for a walk a lunch. Wish instead I could have sneaked out and sat here on the boardwalk and people watched with some ice cream. Maybe tomorrow.

New York Photography 9 – People everywhere

Just spent the day down in London, meetings meetings meetings. I never enjoy crowds, us simple country folk can’t cope. It’s perhaps not so much crowds but crowds of city people. All focused and determined, people not just out for a stroll but going somewhere forcefully. The sort of people who stare you down when you say “good morning”.

New York Photography #Expired 3

Lines for days. Standing around waiting for connections around this massive city and all its incredible boroughs. I knew it was big but it really took traveling from side to side to get a real appreciation for it and all the characters within it.

So many iconic areas but just the general life in Queens and Brooklyn was fascinating.

Reminded me of as 14-year-old buying “To the 5 Boroughs” for my sisters birthday. Never thought I would get to actually see them.

Enjoy some 240p gold below.