Daily Photo – 27 – Dragoon trailer

Ross Blackmore sound

The mighty Ross Blackmore doing sound in a cold and wet forest outside Glasgow. Today two years ago I launched the trailer for my short film Dragoon (have a watch below if you haven’t seen it yet.)

After a rather manic 2013 this was something that kept me going. Rather proud of how the trailer ended up.

Daily Photo – 26 – Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon


Final stretch of these and I shall try and get a wide range of stuff that I like. I would say photos you may like but as I am the only person who reads this it would be pointless to not at least entertain myself. That’s a special shout out. You know who you are.


The first decent YouTube Advert – Pilgrims Choice


So today this pops up on a video I am watching and for the very first time I enjoyed an ad on YouTube. A new dawn has begun, ads will now be funny, they will be better than the actual video you wanted to watch and most importantly they will be unrelated to anything you ever want to buy.