25/Jan 2016 – Glasgow dry spots

Finally get myself out of the office for a break from the screen. Of course it decides to bucket it down and completely soak me. Thankfully I had the “smartie tube” as NOBODY calls it to give me some brief relief from the Glasgow drizzle.

  Took this one on my wee Polaroid Cube+. It’s a great wee action camera and giving me a lot of fun. Expect me to be doing a bit more filming, timelapses and photography using it.

One of the best bits about it is the fact you can’t see what you are taking. It’s like film all over again. I took snaps all day today and then just had a look there now, some fun results and some disasters. All part of the fun and mystery. You can of course use your phone and wifi to look but that takes all the fun out of it.

Impossible Film: Polaroid wonder or hipster flop?

Having used Polaroid film for a few years now I have had a rather love, hate, hate, hate relationship. Love the colours and the immediacy, hate the price. It was however a wonderful discovery in a Boots in Enniskillen where I picked up a dozen packs for a few quid as they were expired. This lasted me a good while but following a house fire I lost the last of it. It was only at the end of last year did I actually get round to buying any new film. The impossible film project was something I had followed with excitement for a while, always put off by the high prices. I was then rather nervous about testing it out after hearing such mixed reviews. It both disappointed and prevailed.


Thanks to the wonders of a nearly 30 year old camera I managed to get the film stuck and ended up with a rather strange double exposure. The first surprise was the nearly 40min wait for the image to appear. This was a 40min nervous wait may I add.


Perhaps half way up a mountain side in Mull on the very first day of 2015 isn’t the best place to do more timed shots but who cares, look at them colours.


and finally a moody portrait of myself. I do like the colours, they are rather unpredictable but that’s part of the fun when working with any film. The cost however of impossible film, £17 for 8 shots is rather hard to justify. I suspect it must be labeled as a hipster wonder. Reserved for art projects, first day of the year mountain climbs and holidays.

1010th tweet. #binaryday

As I sit munching down some lunch parked up in the now non-accessible short loans room I have been sent into a ponder. Perhaps its the slow paced jazz of the second season of Twin Peaks as I watch it for the first time perhaps its that lecture on Romanticism in Irish Film I just endured.
Lets go for the Twin Peaks for the meantime.
A rant
It is such a disgrace that in the short loan room in the LRC, Coleraine University of Ulster only staff are allowed or students if watching a film. The short loan room has been the home to the AGM for the UUC Film Society and holds the joy of browsing dvds, flicking through finding some gems of movies.
That is part of the fun is it not. Instead now you have to decide on what you want before getting into the now off limits short loan room but only if you are watching a film on one of the poor quality TV’s available in the short loans room. I think there will be a strongly worded recommendation note placed into the recommendation box in the LRC regarding this.

A review
Just watched the first episode of the second season of Twin Peaks. Lynch has me again, I could actually just sit and watch this whole season right now if it wasnt for me only being able to loan it out from the LRC for 4 hours.
The soundtrack as I blogged about merely the other day is amazing. The plot is confusing, the acting decent but not incredible, the cinematography right from the get go has me tempted to copy and the crazyness, well thats in another league along with the Pie.
5/5 for the whole Tv show.

A picture

Me at the Dunluce castle taken on a Spirit 600CL with expired 600 film. (December 2008)