A wet Saturday in Glasgow with my boy

Winter has well and truly arrived in Glasgow. Not the frosty mornings and sight of breath you’d expect, but so much rain and a natures carpet of leaves everywhere.

Elliott and I decided to head on out for a grand day in the rain, adventures through Kelvingrove, pictures in Glasgow University gardens and then a cheeky pint in Bag of Nails ( formally known as The Partick Tavern). The Bournemouth Vs Man Utd game with the commentary of the Rangers game, oh Glasgow.

We enjoyed ourselves and this is always the best view of Kelvingrove 👌🏼😛

Glasgow hops back to life for 2016

It looks from the signs of it that my dwarf hop plant is coming back for another year!  

After a rather successful crop last year that enabled me to homebrew an impressive one gallon batch of CWG IPA the wee thing has sprung into action in spring.


Very excited to see what harvest I can get this summer with it being its third year. Still drinking the CWG IPA from last year, here’s hoping I get the priming right this time and so it’s better than this.


22 / Jan 2016 – Bokeh fenced in


I know you are all wishing and hoping on a nice day light filled photo that I promised. I did head out at lunch, but alas I was more caught up with the tasty goodness of Old Salty’s on Argyle Street, don’t tell my mum.

I instead have a wonderfully ISO filled, Bokehtastic and fence filled photo for you. It’s the weekend and one week left of photos, lets do this.

So I changed my profile picture


Always a tough decision to change your profile picture on any social network, but it was about time I changed all of mine. It was a toss up between the above Polaroid of myself with a gloriously painful hipster glow, and the below shot of myself recently in Morocco. Not much of a choice you say and too right, neither offering anything to be considered inviting or trust / hire / follow me. But how on earth do you select a profile picture, I’ve changed mine about three times in the past seven years. Let’s go with the idea I haven’t changed much, the reality is I don’t care too much how people view me. Let’s hope the new profile picture represents all that I am not really anywhere near you and taking a photo.

Guy Phenix

Cairngorms camp and climb

Finally took my first trip up into the Cairngorms for a camp and a climb. What a gorgeous place it is and the light, although lacking was gorgeous. As per usual I haven’t edited any these photos of the Cairngorms.
Have always been disappointed in the beaches in Scotland, but the Loch beaches up in the Cairngorms are stunning. Lovely sandy tree-lined beaches perfect for sitting late into the night, drinking and chatting.cairngorms_friends cairngorms_blur
Not only was this the first time in the Cairngorms this was my first time doing a Munro. We set off to climb Cairn gorm via the Fiacaill Ridge and what an amazing way to do our first Munro. The Cairngorms looked stunning down below as we climbed the ridge. It was a bit windy but the climb was really enjoyable. I of course didn’t bring my camera and my phone died mid climb so no photos of the climb. If you want to find out more about the climb check out this link to Walk Highlands and go have your own Cairngorms adventure.cairngorms_beach

Top three tips for submitting to film festivals




After successfully getting a few short films into festivals across the world I thought I would give a quick top three of things to think about when submitting.

1) Budget for submissions
With fees of £15 to £30 for entry, DVDs and postage costs it quickly adds up. Prepare for this in your budget and take into account the cheap early bird fees compared to late deadlines.

It is a total bore but being organised and planning ahead can save you a lot of money and give your film its best chance of selection. I finished up Dragoon in September and meant I could get a lot of the early bird submission deadlines for festivals I really wanted to get into. This is also something that helps when Festivals will only accept if it is a premiere at their festival.

3) noentryfeefestivals.com

This site will save you a fortune. A wonderful resource to enable you to get your film out to the world for free. Most of the films listed are online submissions too so not even postal costs.



A Little added bonus. Check out http://www.laurelleavesawardmaker.com/  to make your own Film Festival Laurel Leaves.

Daily Photo – 29 – Uganda to Sudan


17362170171_778b530575_o17176294169_9e43fbff3d_o 17174695248_c050d3047c_h 17360710352_9656894076_h


Today’s post is a bit of a treat of photos from a rather insane journey I took.

From the bright lights of Kampala, Uganda to the abstract craziness of Yei, Sudan (Now South Sudan). This is easily the most insane travelling I have done and one of those I look back upon still with fear.


Daily Photo – 27 – Dragoon trailer

Ross Blackmore sound

The mighty Ross Blackmore doing sound in a cold and wet forest outside Glasgow. Today two years ago I launched the trailer for my short film Dragoon (have a watch below if you haven’t seen it yet.)

After a rather manic 2013 this was something that kept me going. Rather proud of how the trailer ended up.

Daily Photo – 26 – Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon


Final stretch of these and I shall try and get a wide range of stuff that I like. I would say photos you may like but as I am the only person who reads this it would be pointless to not at least entertain myself. That’s a special shout out. You know who you are.